The worst part of styling a time-consuming, blown-out coif is knowing that you’ll wash it all away in a day or two. That’s why a slew of dry shampoos have hit the beauty market: to prolong that crushing inevitability without compromising
voluminous locks—or good hygiene. To find out about how to maintain that same-day sheen, we chatted with Heather Reier, founder of Toronto home-baked beauty line, Cake Beauty, to learn why maintaining soap-free locks this spring is easier than you think.

1. Beauty cheat note: The blow out

Add in an extra step to your usual hair care regimen: Wash, dry, wait a few days, then repeat. “Women are looking for a product that leaves their hair looking as fresh as if they’d just washed and blown it out,” says Reier. It’s a long and daunting process getting hair to its
blown-out best so you want to preserve it as long as possible. To help maintain a fresh-looking, coifed style three days post-wash, apply a dry shampoo product that absorbs oil, adds volume and leaves hair with a hint of fragrance.

2. Beauty cheat note: 3D-shine

“Hair doesn’t just stay in one place,” says Reier, “and when oil is absorbed from the hair, our colour can look slightly flat.” While dry shampoos absorb extra moisture to prolong a clean-looking ‘do, look for a powder that replaces the lost sheen. Take Cake’s new
Satin Sugar Glistening dry shampoo and body power, which is made up of a natural base of corn starch, chamomile and calendula, but is infused with gold mica particles that catch and reflect light for a 24-carat, multi-dimensional shimmer.

For more healthy-hair reasons to dry shampoo, read on…

3. Beauty cheat note: Lasting freshness

It’s hard to maintain that just-washed scent without, well, having just-washed hair. Cart dry shampoo products along while running errands to recreate that refreshed and polished look—minus the soap and water it takes it get there—on the fly. “Pop them in your bag, whether you’re jetting off on a trip, heading to the gym before a busy day, or enjoying a night out after the office,” Reier recommends.

4. Beauty cheat note: Colour reserve

Most dry shampoo products can be used on all
hair types and are tailored specifically to light and darker hues. If it’s a translucent powder, the product should easily disappear into all hair colours as it’s worked into roots. Every woman’s hair type and routine is different, says Reier, but a dry shampoo can be used on day-after locks and applied generously from crown to tip. “Start by touching up your roots after the gym with a bit of powder and working in more
product in the following days, as your hair becomes more oily.” Avoid in-between washings that quickly fade
coloured hair. A good dry shampoo can tack on four to five days before your next actual hair wash.

5. Beauty cheat note: Natural moisture

While that freshly shampooed, oil-free look leaves hair at its most desirable (and touchable) best, that slicked layer actually helps to protect the scalp and
moisturize locks. “By washing less frequently, hair isn’t stripped of vital nutrients as often,” says Reier. Take that sagely advice hairdressers have been dispensing for years and finally skip that regular wash with ease.

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