When it comes to hair styles we all want what we don’t have. Straight-haired girls envy thick curls, curly-haired ladies lust after smooth sleek hair. But one thing we can all say we want now and then is something perfectly in the middle –
wavy hair. Creating the ideal wave can be a tad tricky, beach waves, messy waves, classic waves, retro waves … the choices are endless but with the help of Dove Hair Care celebrity stylist Mark Townsend (who styles hair for new It girl Jennifer Lawrence) gives us the details on creating the perfect waves in three different ways.

Wavy hair #1: Retro flapper girl

The ’20s and ’30s are having a moment. Let’s just let it happen because that era sported some of the prettiest hair around. “I love giving my clients retro inspired waves because I use hot rollers to get this look. This works well on all hair types,” says Townsend.

The texture: Smooth and shiny

When to wear: “If you’re searching for a simple way to add a little glamour to your day-to-day look try retro waves. This timeless, sophisticated hairstyle ads a pulled-together look that is chic and easy to do.”

Townsend’s tips to get the wave:

· Start by applying a dime size amount of serum damp hair to ensure the hair cuticle will lay smooth.

· Add a large dollop of mousse (try Dove Style Care Nourishing Curls Mousse) to damp hair and blow dry with a round brush.

· Spray a thermal protectant spray all over and then set the hair on hot rollers. They key for retro looking waves is to set all the hair in the same direction and to hold the hot roller near the scalp and to wrap the hair around the roller from root to ends.

· After the hair has cooled in the rollers for 15minutes, remove the rollers and brush the hair with a flat brush.

· Take a small amount of serum (try Dove Style Care Frizz Proof Cream-Serum) in your hands and rub your hands together to warm up the product and make it pliable, then rake your fingers through the hair to break up the waves and give the hair gorgeous shine.

· Finish with an extra hold hair spray.

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Wavy hair #2: I just spent all day at the beach

The classic
California girl beach wave has been popular for decades. It’s the ultimate summer look, but in today’s fashion and beauty world, it can be sported all year long. “Beachy waves can be worn by just about everyone,” explains Townsend. “I find it works best on hair that has a natural wave to it.”

The texture:
Piecey and not too perfect.

When to wear:
Beachy waves are the most in-demand summer style and have a great natural and effortless look. “

Townsend’s tips to get the wave:

• Apply a large dollop of mousse (try Dove Style Care Amplifier Mousse) and blow hair dry.

• Separate the hair into 3-inch sections and spray with a flexible hold hairspray.

• Take each section and wrap around a 2-inch curling iron to create loose waves and leave the bottom inch or 2 of hair away from the iron to create a natural looking wave.

• Spray a beach spray throughout to give the hair that “just back from the beach” look.

• This is a look that should be touchable so finish with a flexible hold hairspray all over to keep the hair full of volume throughout the day and evening.

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Wavy hair #3: The big bounce

Big, bouncy full waves can be fun and flirty, or soft and sexy. Either way it’s a great ay to add loads of volume to your hair, add shine and make it look
smooth and healthy.

The texture: Soft, loose, and touchable.

When to wear: “It’s a great sexy look that is perfect for day or night.”

Townsend’s tips to get the wave:

• Start by applying a large dollop of mousse to damp hair and blow dry with
a round brush.

For lots of volume, spray the hair with flexible hold hairspray and then take 3-inch sections of hair and wrap them in the hot roller. The key for big, bouncy waves is to set the hair from end to root (start with the roller near the ends of the hair and roll toward the root) and secure the roller at the scalp.

• If you are not using hot rollers for this loo, you can also use a 2-inch curling iron. Take 3-inch sections of hair and spray with flexible hold hairspray and then close to the clamp of the iron on the ends of the section and roll the iron towards the roots and hold for a few seconds and then release the iron and warp the warm hair around 2 fingers creating a barrel curl. Secure the barrel curl at the scalp with a clip.

• After all the hair is set, let it cool for 15minutes and then remove the rollers or clips.

• Spray Dove Style Care Strength & Shine Extra Hold Hairspray on a flat brush and then brush out the barrel curls for big bouncy waves.

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