1. Pink lady
Originally designed in the 1970s for an exotic dancer, Benetint by Benefit Cosmetics has become a cult favourite far beyond the pole-dancing set. “Nothing says ‘irresistible’ like a provocative rosy-pink glow ‘you know where,’” says Jean Ford, co-creator of Benefit Cosmetics. A little dab on each nipple ensures that they get the love and attention they so rightfully deserve!

2. Bedroom eyes
Sultry eyes have worked for everyone from Brigitte Bardot to Eva Mendes. For a morning-after look, smudge shimmery black or grey cream liner around your eyes along the upper and lower lash lines. “It’s a hint of something on the eye but not overdone,” says Paul Venoit, makeup pro for CoverGirl. “Plus, if your makeup smudges a little, it’s a good thing!”

3. Staying power
Keep the love – and your makeup – alive all night long. To make your eye makeup stay put, apply foundation all over your eyelids and follow up with a matte eyeshadow. “It will create a base and prevent creasing,” says Eve Pearl, a television makeup artist. Get even more out of your makeup with blotting papers. Hair and makeup artist Tony Masciangelo uses them to remove excess oil, thus preventing smeared makeup.

4. Great white
Want a sexy smile without a trip to the dentist? Try whitening strips, says Dr. Sol Weiss, a dentist based in Toronto. “Crest Whitestrips work and are relatively easy to use,” says Weiss. But if your date is more of a last-minute thing, don’t panic. “During the day, teeth develop a yellow layer [plaque] at the gum line,” explains Weiss. Brushing with a whitening toothpaste will remove this buildup and make teeth instantly appear whiter.

5. Scarlet fever
For true femmes fatales, red lips are a must. Get a subtly sexy look by dabbing on lipstick with your fingertips for a stainlike effect, says Andrea Claire, a Canadian makeup artist based in Singapore. Try M.A.C Lipstick in Dubonnet, a rich cerise. And make sure your daring-hued lippy stays on by sealing it with a pout-friendly topcoat, like FACE Atelier’s Lip Lock. “It won’t smudge or wear off,” she says.

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6. Cubicle Cupid
Sex up your office makeup with this tip for smouldering eyes: Draw a dime-sized dot on the back of your hand with a black eyeliner, says Angie Semple, education and artistry manager for Dior. Press the dot with your finger to pick up the colour and then smudge the outer corner of the eye, working from lash line to crease. Blend well, and finish with mascara.

7. Tongue twister
Is your wineglass getting more play than your sweetheart? Get rid of lip smudges while toasting the town with this trick: Lick the edge of your glass before you take a sip, says Semple. You’ll leave less of an impression on your drinking glass and more of one on your man.

8. Lip service
“Pouty lips will get his attention,” says David Goveia, a makeup artist based in Toronto. For that pillowy look, dab a vivid yet sheer gloss or stain in a fruity hue, like raspberry or cherry, in the “centre square” of your mouth. And don’t forget to add gloss to the upper edge of the top of your lip line too: “It’s a very sexy part of your lips that catches the light when you speak,” says Goveia.

9. Face time
Bring out your natural sex appeal with luminous skin. Skip the heavy shimmers and plump up the skin with a brightening serum. Michelle Peck, a massage therapist based in Los Angeles and skin-care specialist and facialist to Madonna, relies on Intraceuticals Opulence Hydration Gel, which reflects light to soften the look of fine lines. “It creates a beautiful, soft-focus effect,” says Peck.

10. Foot Fetish
Like Eddie Murphy’s character in Boomerang – who considered his lover’s chipped toenail polish grounds for breaking up – many men find well-groomed feet sensual. Prep your pieds with a paraffin pedicure to soften dry skin, says Maria Cristina Bruno, co-owner of the Ritual nail bar and Ritual 2 Salon and Spa in Toronto. “No man wants to be scratched by cracked heels,” says Bruno.

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11. Sinner vs. saint
To replicate that post-coital flush, apply warm pink colour to the apples of your cheeks. “They’re framing your smile,” says Venoit. On the other hand, if you want him to think you’re a saint, get a dreamy, ethereal look by sweeping a shimmery powder on your cheekbones and temples. “Your skin is almost always flawless there,” says Goveia.

12. Doe me
“Men always go for the girl with fluttering lashes,” says Goveia. For that wide-eyed Bambi look with staying power, try lash extensions. These waterproof lashes will last through most evening trysts. Don’t want the commitment? Try falsies, cut in half and applied to the centre part of your eyes, says Pearl. “They give your eyes a beautiful, bright lift.”

13. Heaven scent
Although some studies have shown that men are aroused by smells like pumpkin pie and vanilla, perfumer Frédéric Malle doesn’t believe there’s one universal come-hither scent. “What’s sexy is the pairing of a certain fragrance with a certain character,” he says, so choose one that reflects you. Worried about overdoing it? Try a perfume you don’t wear every day. “You can become so accustomed to a fragrance that you don’t smell it anymore,” he says.

14. Busting out
Want heaving bosoms worthy of King Henry VIII’s maidens in The Tudors? Amp up your offering with a little contouring, says Pearl. With a blush brush, sweep on a matte bronzer, starting from the centre of your chest and going back and forth above one breast. Repeat on the other side, extending the colour up and out. Next, apply an ivory-toned eyeshadow on either side of the bronzer, repeating the step on the other side and blending well. “The light will play off the bronzer and shadow, making your breasts look fuller and rounder,” she says.

15. Come undone
If you want to be the woman that everyone lusts after, skip the fussy updos. “Hair should look like you can run your hands through it,” says Ben Skervin, global hairstylist for Head & Shoulders. “If it looks too perfect or too ‘done,’ it makes you look uptight or unapproachable.” For touchable locks, apply a small amount of styling product and shine serum to wet hair. Adding products after blow-drying can make hair feel stiff, says Skervin.

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No matter the season, defined, glamorous eyes are always a beauty must.16. Hot legs
Whether you’re traipsing about in the latest Agent Provocateur lingerie or wearing nothing at all, chances are you’ll be baring more than a little skin in the bedroom. So make sure your legs look as hot as the rest of you by smoothing on some self-tanner to hide cellulite and even out skin tone. “Skin always looks better with a tan,” says Pearl. In a pinch, mix a bit of bronzing powder with your favourite moisturizer to make your own body makeup.

17. Bodywork
For skin that looks and feels like silk, now is the time to get into a steady regimen of buffing and polishing. “Exfoliating and moisturizing on a daily basis makes your skin moist, which attracts light,” says Rhonda Shupe, a professor of cosmetics and aesthetics at Seneca College in Toronto. For extra radiance and a glow that’s worthy of goddesses like Beyoncé and JLo, swipe on a shimmery powder with Givenchy’s Absolutely Irrésistible Poupoupidou Puff. Infused with mother-of-pearl, it brings a subtle radiance to your shoulders and décolleté.

18. Hand-picked
“Well-manicured nails add glamour and sexiness to your overall look – they’re part of the total package,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, executive vice-president and artistic director at OPI. Though Weiss-Fischmann considers red nails “with a bit of length” the sexiest, other hues can also send subtle hints to your paramour. “Dark polish says ‘I’m willing to take risks,’” she says, “and purple says ‘I’m mysterious.’”

19. Smooth operator
Got a hot date and missed your monthly wax? For touchable skin in a hurry, try a depilatory cream, says Shupe. She recommends Nair Shower Power for the smoothest and quickest results – it works while you shower to exfoliate skin and remove hair. For wax lovers, try a stripless wax, such as Nair Cire Divine, on your legs or bikini line. “Stripless wax eliminates a step, but it gives the same results, so it’s great for that last-minute fix,” says Shupe.

20. Breathing room
If date night includes a garlic-infused dinner and you forgot to stash some mints or gum, look no further than the garnish on your plate. Those little green sprigs of parsley are rich in chlorophyll, a natural breath freshener, says Matthew Gowan, an associate professor of botanical medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto.

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