When it comes to skincare, we like to have our cake (natural ingredients) and eat it too (actually notice results). Shouldn’t be too much to ask for, right? That’s exactly the winning combo in two new skincare must-haves from Marcelle, a homegrown beauty brand that’s being caring for Canadians’ skin for decades: two powerful and proven ingredients—peptides and probiotics—woven into two clean formulas. We spoke with Victoria Pedraza, a product-development-focused senior scientist at Marcelle, who walked us through the brand’s innovative, deeply nourishing duo and why it’s garnering so much beauty buzz. (It’s even been recognized by the Canadian Dermatology Association.)

Tell us about why peptides and probiotics are considered such powerhouse ingredients in a skincare context.

“Peptides are short chains of amino acids, which are the building blocks of the proteins in our body, including collagen and elastin. Aside from being essential to your skin’s structure and function, peptides are present in every human cell, which is what makes this ingredient very important in our new Peptide + Probiotic line. For example, the Peptide + Probiotic Firming Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer uses peptides to help moisturize your skin while also smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. And because peptides are a gentle ingredient, they do all of this without being too harsh to your skin barrier.

“There are a wide range of micro-organisms present on our skin, and many of them can contribute to the stability of the skin barrier. However, there are many external agents, such as ultraviolet radiation, pollution, topical medications and even some skincare products, that can unbalance this stability; therefore, it was important for us to create this line with essential probiotic ingredients that we know will protect your skin barrier. For example, the Peptide + Probiotic Firming Anti-Wrinkle & Depuffing Eye Care Cream works to depuff the under-eye area while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles without damaging or irritating the delicate skin around your eyes.”

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What kinds of actions and results can we expect when using the Peptide + Probiotic line?

“In skincare, peptides are valued for their ability to support various skin functions, including collagen production, moisture retention and elasticity, while probiotics are thought to help balance the skin’s microbiome. A healthy microbiome is associated with clear, radiant skin, while imbalances can lead to acne, inflammation and sensitivity. The combination of both ingredients in this line offers a powerful synergy, addressing multiple skin concerns while promoting overall skin health and balance.”

Why is it important to choose simple, clean-focused formulas for our skincare routines?

“We are now learning that many ingredients that have long been used in cosmetics either have a negative effect on our health or on the environment. At Marcelle, we are very aware of these impacts and take them very seriously. This is why we have been developing formulas specifically to exclude harmful raw materials — it’s actually been at the core of our formulation philosophy for decades. We are constantly innovating and focusing on using safe and effective products that we know will generate an application equal to or better than traditional products that are not clean-focused.”

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