It’s said that a true geisha can stop a man in his tracks with a single glance. Work that old-world magic with the help of a new-world trick. “Fake lashes add instant glamour,” says Melissa Gibson, a senior makeup artist for M.A.C Cosmetics.

Although wearing “falsies” intimidates many, it’s actually easier than it seems. Start by curling your real lashes and applying mascara as you would normally. Then, trim the length of the strips to fit your eyes and squeeze a small amount of lash glue onto the seam of the strip. “Wait until the glue gets slightly tacky to make lashes easier to apply,” advises Gibson. Carefully place the strip as close as possible to the upper lash line, using your index finger to push it in place from one end to the other. To keep the focus on the lashes, stick with neutral eyeshadows applied on the lid and slightly above the crease. To remove the lashes, simply peel them off slowly from the outer corner inward. And, kirei! (“Beautiful” in Japanese.)