If you’re as skincare obsessed as we are—testing out new launches, stockpiling cult faves, making recommendations for friends—you might think you’ve seen it all. But chances are you haven’t yet discovered Ella Baché. The name recognition might be fuzzy, but the French brand’s namesake founder was a total trailblazer. Back in 1936, Baché was one of the first female pharmacists in Paris, and she went on to pioneer a more personalized approach to skincare. (Plus, she was the first to include hyaluronic acid in skincare cream. Pretty cool, right?) Her less-is-more philosophy draws on the power of nutrient-dense plant ingredients, luxurious textures and lasting, efficacious results. Baché’s story is one of discovery and innovation, and her steadfast mission permeates the brand’s DNA.

Another tenet of Ella Baché’s method? Investing in your skin type and its specific needs is key since each person’s skin is unique. It’s what inspired the line’s newest mask products: four formulas made for the ultimate customizable multi-masking experience. For skin that’s showing visible signs of aging, consider the brand’s Spirulina Smoothing Mask: a fine-line-addressing formula boosted with antioxidant-rich spirulina, collagen-synthesizing hyaluronic acid and Sichuan pepper, which helps to counteract expression lines in the short term. Those with oily, acne-prone skin could benefit from the Extra Purifying Mask, in which grapefruit-seed extract—a revered ingredient with antimicrobial properties—offers sebum control for an overall clearer complexion. The Mask with Probiotics for Sensitive Skins is a practical pick for aggravated and uneven skin. It works twofold: Lactic probiotics help to strengthen the skin’s natural defences while soothing saccharides—derived from sweetcorn—work to inhibit skin stressors from the inside. Lastly, there’s the Hyaluronic Moisturising Cream-Mask: It’s brimming with tried-and-true hyaluronic acid plus vitamin E drawn from wheat-germ oil for an instant shot of comfort and hydration.

Photo: Ella Baché

The best part is you can take your pick or mix and match; the experts at Ella Baché developed the masks to be used individually or in combination to target different issues on your skin. With all these potent choices, it’s time to get masking.

The entire Ella Baché line is available at ellabache.ca and select spas.