As a kid, I dressed up as Wonder Woman three Halloweens in a row, but as an adult, the superhero comic craze has largely passed me by. (The only reason I’d go to see
The Amazing Spider-Man is to admire the chemistry between real-life couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, who I love together
almost as much as I love Michelle Williams and Jason Segel.) The multiplex might not be getting my money this summer, but
net-a-porter just might. The haute online retailer recently announced that it’s carrying
Phillip Lim‘s amazing summer bags, including this Break-Up shoulder bag, a playful nod to Roy Lichtenstein’s iconic pop art canvases.  I see it paired with denim cut-offs and a perfect white shirt. Fashion kryptonite, y’all.
The 3.1 Phillip Lim Break-Up shoulder bag is available at