Every spring, revellers descend on the Colorado Desert for two weekends of live music and Instagram-friendly photo ops—you guessed it, Coachella is back. On Friday, the festival returned to Indio, California, where performers like Lana Del Rey and Sabrina Carpenter took the stage. But the event is as much about fashion as it is about music.

Coachella’s first edition was held three months after Woodstock took its final bow in 1999. Over the years, attendees have more or less stuck to a specific genre of festival dressing: rave wear, boho chic and western motifs. At worst, Coachella-core is insufferably trendy. At best, it’s a sartorial playground—much like its predecessor.

Woodstock is the blueprint for festival style. The 1969 music and art fair was a muddy runway for youth who sought liberation against “the establishment.” In fashion terms, that meant high hemlines, patchwork denim and long hair. That rebellion continued into the seventies and eighties, when British punks found solace at Glastonbury, and at Lollapalooza in the nineties, when flannel-clad masses came to Chicago to see the likes of Pearl Jam and Rage Against the Machine.

The tide turned in the 2000s thanks to tabloid culture. Festival goers were less interested in what was happening on stage as they were in what Sienna Miller or Kate Moss were wearing (to be fair, they did give us some memorable looks!). By the 2010s, Instagram had replaced gossip rags, and Vanessa Hudgens was festival season’s new “it girl.” Her boho outfits earned her the “Queen of Coachella” title, and fans followed suit with flower crowns, tribal prints and floppy wide brim hats.

In recent years, A-listers like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber have favoured laid-back styles, signalling a new era of festival wear. Still, if Coachella 2024’s first weekend is any indication, you can still expect to see many eclectic looks on the circuit this summer.

If you’re stuck on what to wear, read on for our favourite trends. But remember: festival wear is all about rebellion—so there’s no better time to go against the grain, whatever that means to you.



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It’s just not festival season without cowboy boots. This year, thanks to co-signs from the likes of Beyoncé and Bella Hadid, expect attendees to lean into the western wear trend with rancher-approved accessories like chunky belts and bolo ties.


ganni boots

Red Mid Shaft Embroidered Western Boots, Ganni

Price: $820


If you splurge on any one piece of festival fashion, let it be cowboy boots. This cherry-red pair from Ganni are an influencer favourite, and for good reason! Practical and stylish, there’s no better shoes for dancing in the dirt.



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Calling all Canadian tuxedo lovers! Denim is non-negotiable for festival season. And thankfully, there’s no wrong answer here, whether you go for your favourite blue jeans or something more unconventional like a denim jumpsuit.


Charly Denim Halter Top, Frankies Bikinis

Price: $210


Sure, shorts are probably the most sensible purchase. But really, when has festival fashion ever been sensible? If you want to stand out, opt for a denim top. This sixties-inspired halter from Frankies Bikinis is our top pick.



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Don’t worry, you don’t have to strip down to your skivvies. But let’s face it: at this venue, maximum exposure is the name of the game. And with fashion’s current micro obsession, you can expect to see many skin-baring outfits this summer.


festival style 2024

Purple Ambiguous Tank Top, Issey Miyake

Price: $825


We recommend a sheer top, like this one from Issey Miyake in spring’s favourite lavender hue. Pair it with a skin-toned undergarment for some security (or not, you do you!).



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Expect to see many décolletages decorated with a variety of layered chains. Music festivals are a celebration of self-expression. So, when it comes to jewellery, mixing and matching your favourite pieces is the perfect way to show off your true colours.


Pandora ME Medium-Link Chain Necklace

Medium-Link Chain Necklace, Pandora ME

Price: $225


Pandora’s chain necklace is your starting point for this trend. Add charms for some versatility, or pair it with your favourite pendants for a truly unique look.


It’s not just the sun that’s shining in the Coachella Valley. It would seem that one spring trend has walked off the runway and into the desert: metallics. From shimmery boots to sequin tops, this is a sure-fire way to stand out.


silver moon bag

Silver Moon Bag, Staud

Price: $435


Accessories are one way to try out a new trend without going overboard. This metallic bag from Staud can be effortlessly paired with both low-key and eclectic ensembles.


Hop on the biker girlfriend trend this festival season, as seen on Hailey Bieber and Taylor Swift. Leather can add some grit to your festival wardrobe, whether in the form of an oversized jacket or mini purse. Our best advice: go thrifting to find the most unique pieces.


Oversized Faux Leather Biker Jacket, Zara

Oversized Faux Leather Biker Jacket, Zara

Price: $99


Live out your grunge dreams with an oversized biker jacket, like this one from Zara. Perfect for when temps cool at night, this statement piece can be paired with pretty well any outfit.