Meet one of Canada’s chicest artists: Bobbie Burgers

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Images courtesy of Burgers’ husband, Billy Wishloff

You may recognize Bobbie Burgers’ energetic and colourful large-scale florals−after all, the Vancouver-based artist has been at it for nearly 20 years. But even if you’re new to these bold works, you’ll likely be moved.
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Breakfast With Bobbie - 7

Burgers in front of her work at the Bau-Xi Gallery

Burgers, whose latest exhibit,
Lovely Fugitive, is opening tomorrow at the 
Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto, wants people to feel energized, to feel joy, when they see her works. "People are always asking me what I love so much about flowers," says the lithe artist over breakfast at Frank Restaurant in the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO). "But it’s not really about flowers; it’s about colour and movement and fragility. Flowers are just an accessible way to communicate these themes…and it means I always get to have fresh-cut flowers in the house!"
Burgers-NobleGrief300 Her house was also recently filled with a private collection of her own pieces, which she has earmarked for her four children. (She, her designer husband and her children share a gorgeous and oft-photographed sunny home in B.C.) Now, these exclusive pieces will actually be available to rent from the
AGO’s art-rental program. A month or more with one of Burgers’ expressive, sweeping pieces? Parting with it would be such sweet sorrow.
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