Who among us hasn’t fantasized about escaping to the countryside for a simpler slice of life? 

The quiet, contemplative, solitude calls to us like an antidote to all our city problems.

Kacey Musgraves’ new album ‘Deeper Well’ (out March 15) taps into that yearning for pastoral contentment both emotionally and aesthetically as she the singer leans into her next phase of life post-divorce.

The stripped back slowed-down approach to the album is in keeping with her new approach to life and while the singer has always leaned more understated folk than flashy country pop in her lyrics, this time her look is following suit.

Musgraves put together a moodboard to give fans an idea of what to expect from the music of “Deeper Well’ and teamed up with Etsy to make it shoppable.

“Etsy is a place I return to for inspiration in many facets of my life, and while making this album I kept saving pieces that felt like a true reflection of where my head was at aesthetically,” says the artist. “Sometimes when I can’t sleep I’ll find myself in the strangest, coolest Etsy wormholes and I’m always amused at the things I find.” 

The things she found apparently range from cute ceramic egg holders to hand painted lover’s eye lockets, interactive dandelion nightlights and a 233 year old sourdough starter.

The Etsy moodboard, which functions as a kind of merch gift shop for the album, marks the first installment in a series of upcoming Etsy-exclusive releases, curated by Musgraves.

This launch, available now, is full of vintage and nature inspired items to decorate one’s homestead.

I just love putting money in the pocket of the actual maker. “I hope that through this moodboard my fans feel connected to me and my music in a real and intimate way,” says Musgraves who also believes in putting money in the pocket of actual makers instead of major retailers.

She adds: “You sell your house and start again in a new house in the heart of the woods. Cardinals gather. You turn a year older. Take up meditation. Embrace change.”