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Gigi Hadid has given fans a rare glimpse into her personal life by confirming the exact date she found out she was pregnant with her daughter.

Since giving birth to her first child, with partner Zayn Malik, in September last year, the model has been super low key when in comes to how much she shares about her newborn.

Instagram: @gigihadid

But on January 18, Hadid revealed that she found out that she was pregnant the ‘day before she walked in the Tom Ford show’ during New York Fashion Week, during a Twitter exchange with one fan.

The exchange began when a fan asked her: ‘When did you walk for Jacquemus, did you already know that you were pregnant? Or you only knew after?’

To which the mother of one replied: ‘I found out the day before the Tom Ford show 🤯 I was so nauseous backstage 😅 but I learned I could kinda control it if I continuously ate, so my mom would pack me snacks before each show 🥖 🧀 bless,

Quick deduction based on fashion month protocols and dates makes it clear that as
Jacquemus Autumn/Winter 2020 show took place on January 18, 2020, in Paris France and the Tom Ford show took place on February 7, 2020 in Hollywood, Gigi and Zayn would have found out the amazing news on February 6, 2020.

As fashion month begins to gear up again, the 25-year-old model took to Instagram yesterday, to share a photo memory from her iconic hair-flicking walk in the Jacquemus show one year on, writing: ‘My baby girl 🥜 was in there 🥺 ✨’

As we now know at the time, Hadid might not have known at the time she was pregnant with her daughter, but she does now. What a great story for Hadid to be able to share with her daughter.