Celebs and it girls always seem to have good hair days. What’s their secret? Well, having hairstylist at your beck and call helps. “People need to realize that these beautiful women have a team including a stylist, hairstylist and makeup person working with them all the time,” says Charles Booth, founder of LaCoupe haircare. And, he adds, “some women, no matter what they do to their hair, will always look amazing.”

Still, there is something to each of these five haircuts that really hits the mark. We spoke both to Charles and New York City-based Brian Magallones, consulting hair stylist for Garnier Fructis Style, to get their pro insight as to what makes these hairdos so gorgeous and to find out who these styles will work on. Your best bet, though, when you have a style in mind? “To get any look, the best way to ask your hair dresser for it is with a visual aid," says Brian. “Never be afraid to take a picture in to show exactly what you want.”

The celeb: Blake Lively

The cut: “Blake Lively is looking beautiful in this photo with the perfect example of a long layered cut. It is angled around the face with the shortest pieces falling just below her chin, which adds length to her heart shaped face,” says Brian.

Why the cut looks so good: “Because Blake has such thick hair, having it angled around the face removes a lot of the bulk, and opens her up her face which looks fresh and keeps her hair from dragging her down,” says Brian. How this cut can be styled: It’s a fairly low maintenance style and can usually be worn with a simple blowout, says Brian. “To dress it up, you can simply add a soft wave to it using a large barrelled curling iron.” Plus, he adds, when hair is this long, there is also the added versatility of throwing it up into a chic ponytail on days when you don’t have time to worry about it.

Who this haircut will work on: “This is a great haircut for most hair types, except for fine hair,” says Brian. “At this length fine hair ends up looking flat and lifeless.”

Styling tip: To keep this style looking great all day long without looking stiff, Brian recommends finishing it off with Garnier Fructis Style Hold and Flex Flexible Control Spray.

Image courtesy of Jim Spellman/Wireimage.com

Jessica Alba’s hairstyle on the next page…

Curly hair: Tame that temperamental curly hair

JessicaAlba1.jpgThe celeb: Jessica Alba

The cut: “It’s layered around the face, with slight natural wave, and it’s super easy to do,” says Charles, noting that it’s a great look for someone who’s hair is neither straight nor curly, calling it “the perfect in-between look.”

Why the cut looks so good: “This cut epitomizes not trying’,” says Charles. “Jessica is so beautiful that whatever she does with her hair, people will love,” says Charles. If you want to try this look, make sure you can carry it off to make it look as good.

How this cut can be styled: If you’ve got a bit of wave to your hair, “scrunch dry it to get as much wave into it as possible, and comb out the ends,” says Charles.

Who this haircut will work on: This style will work best on you if your hair texture is medium but not too thick, with some natural wave to it. “With fine hair, you’ll have to work it quite hard,” says Charles. A long neck, too, helps in terms of carrying off this length. “If you’ve got a shorter neck, keep the overall length a couple of inches below jaw to help elongate the neck,” he says.

Styling tip: This look need loads of conditioning, so Charles recommends starting with LaCoupe Shine and Smooth Silky Shampoo and Glossy Conditioner, and then scrunching with a dab of LaCoupe Perfect Curls Frizz Control Contouring Cream. “It’s a cross between a gel and a cream, light and weightless. Diffuse dry and finish with odd sections of the flat iron.”

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Marion Cotillard’s "quirky and cute" hair cut on the next page…

Image courtesy of Steve Granitz/Wireimage.com

MarionCotillard1.jpgThe celeb: Marion Cotillard

The cut: “Marion Cotillard looks quirky and cute with this haircut. It’s a long layered cut [like Blake Lively’s], just a shorter version of it,” says Brian.

Why the cut looks so good: According to Brian, this is the perfect cut for Marion, as her hair texture is more fine to medium, and having it shorter at shoulder length takes weight off of it, giving it more body and volume. How this cut can be styled: “In this photo, Marion’s hair has been curled using a one-inch barrel curling iron, but it could also be worn blown out for a chic more polished look,” says Brian.

Who this haircut will work on:
“This is a great cut and length for most hair types, especially fine to medium hair,” says Brian. “If you have coarse, very curly hair, you may want to stay away from this look, though, to avoid looking like you have a mushroom on your head.”

Styling tip: Whether you wear it curled or straight, Brian recommends Garnier Fructis-Style Body Boost Mousse to keep your volume turned up.

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Michelle Williams’ short layered look on the next page…

Image courtesy of Vera Anderson/Wireimage.com

MichelleWilliams1.jpgThe celeb: Michelle Williams

The cut: “Michelle Williams is looking sexy and chic with her new short layered look. This look is best described as a long pixie cut, and this “Linda Evangelista” sort of transformation is one that could change a girl’s life. It has taken her from the girl next door to the girl that you want to live next door,” says Brian.

Why the cut looks so good:
“It is a bold change, that would not work for just anyone, but with Michelle’s bedroom eyes, strong jaw line and her long elegant neck, she is highlighting best assets,” says Brian.

Who this cut will work on: This is definitely a look that is best on someone with straight hair, or hair that is easily blown straight, says Brian. “Unfortunately, coarse curly hair is not suited to this style, as with curly hair, you would just end up looking like you are wearing a toupee."

Styling tip: To keep this style looking sexy all day, Brian recommends using Garnier Fructis-Style Wax to give your hair high-definition style.

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Rihanna’s "shattered crop" hair style on the next page…

Image courtesy of Tony Barson/Wireimage.com

Rihanna1.jpgThe celeb: Rihanna

The cut: “This is the ultimate personality statement – and if you can carry it off, I think it’s fabulous,” says Charles. He calls it a shattered crop – “shattered” refers to the all of the different layers, how it’s been purposely unevenly cut – that is shaved around the sides.

Why the cut looks so good: “Short, short hair works best on if you’re fairly slim in terms of body type,” says Charles. “If you have the body shape, the clothing and the personality, you can wear it.”

How this cut can be styled: “This look is actually high-maintenance. You have to flat iron the top, plus you need to get the sides shaved every few weeks.

Who this haircut will work on: This look suits thick hair. “The afro hair has been flat-ironed to straighten it, and this gives it thickness so that it doesn’t sit flat on top of the head,” says Charles.

Styling tip: Because this look need to be worked in sections, Charles recommends the LaCoupe Flat Iron Thermal Straightening Spray. “This will provide long-lasting results and give your curly hair a super smooth finish and shine."

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