We’ve got your curly hair tips, product recommendations and try-at-home tricks straight from ELLE-approved hair care professionals.


Exert tips and tricks
If you’re struggling to tame your curls or make them look their absolute best, read on. We checked in with two hair experts for tips on making your curly hair look fantastic day in and day out.

Celebrity beauty
From perfect pin curls to unruly manes (natural or not), we love these celebs sporting curly hair. Take a look at our faves and pick a curly style for yourself!

Perfect summer hair
During the summer it’s time to put the blow dryer and flat iron down and give your hair a much-needed rest. Bounce from city to cottage with head-turning curls with these expert tips and tricks.


Hair products we love
Curly hair can be hard to tame, but with these expert-approved products, getting soft, bouncy, healthy curls is easier than you think.

Hair colour savers
Since curly hair requires a bit more attention that other hair types, you may be neglecting your colour as well. Keep your shade vibrant with these hair colour products.