It’s been obvious that Florence Pugh can rock a major hair accessory since the final moments of Midsommar. It was there that her character Dani, the newly crowned May Flower Queen of a seriously creepy Swedish cult, gazed into the distance wearing modern cinema’s most impressive floral headpiece. (A Coachella flower crown this was decidedly not.) Off camera, the ingenue, who is Oscar nominated for her work in Little Women, has been developing an impressive track record of enviable beauty looks that incorporate a range of hair wraps, barrettes and ties.

In a refreshing departure from the trending puffy headband, Pugh’s hairstyles created by celeb stylist Peter Lux have been ambitious. Each one is an artful study in balancing shapes, textures and contrast that takes any hairstyle to the next level. And it all adds up to perfectly timed inspiration. On the cusp on winter’s most soul-sucking months, fresh ideas for transforming dull, weary strands can notably shift a mood. Or at least impact a selfie.

A mindful approach will help you get on Pugh’s level. “I’m all about wearing hair accessories with intention to add to the overall look of your hairstyle,” says Anna Giannini, a Toronto-based hairstylist. Giannini is also the creator of Hair Is Fashion, a hand-crafted hair accessories collection.

Pick The Hairstyle Before The Hair Accessory 

From buns to braids, Pugh and Lux have been highly experimental and chosen an accompanying accessory that gives each style a visual boost. But picking a lane and considering how you prefer to style your hair is a good first step. Then look for a type of adornment that’s a seamless accent. “I try to find the right hair accessory for a client based on their overall style, vibe and what would suit them,” says Giannini, “If they feel best when wearing a low, sleek ponytail day to day then I’d offer something that looks cool with that. Or, if they wear their hair in a middle part with waves, then I would show them an option that would work well clipped on the side to complement an ear tuck.
”A cascade of multiple hair pins over a sleek side part looks v cool, but are you the sleek side part type? If yes, carry on! If not, pivot to another option. There’s no shortage of those.

How To Make An Updo Look Casual

Part of Pugh’s secret recipe comes from balancing a fancy hair accessory with a simple hairstyle, so that the end result never looks forced or overly done. Take her messy chignon with chain link adornment moment.  “The chain is so badass, love how it hangs down just a little bit. It elevates the look of an everyday textured bun and is cool without trying so hard. That’s what makes it modern and wearable,” says Giannini. A perfectly polished bun would have missed the mark. An inverse equation also works: intricate hairstyle = unfussy add-on.

When Pugh opted for a smooth, braided double ponytail the use of simple metallic ties were the chef’s kiss. “The cool thing is that the texture of the gold hair ties matched the texture of her earrings. Subtle, but with intent,” says Giannini, “This is a look that everyone can try – swap out your regular hair elastic for something metallic – especially if you are trying a half up style 

Place Hair Accessories Unexpectedly

Chic placement is the final piece in the hair accessory puzzle. A look at one of Pugh’s half-up ’dos with a top knot holds a vital clue for nailing this step. Beyond the French Girl texture and killer highlights, you can spy a minimalist barrette perched just so at the base of her bun. “I love that the shape and style of the clip doesn’t take away from the actual hairstyle. The clip makes it interesting without overdoing it,” says Giannini. “The placement is perfect, off to the side slightly so it peeks through the bun. It’s like a little surprise when you see it.”

The real surprise will be if the It Girl will sport a hair accessory on Oscar night. If so, it’s bound to be because Pugh and Lux have landed on an option they absolutely adore. “Only purchase something you absolutely love, not just because hair accessories are ‘in.’ Buy it because you know you’re going to wear it and feel amazing with it,” says Giannini. Here’s hoping some star-shaped hair pins align.

See more of Florence Pugh’s best updos and hair accessory moments below.

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