Featured Story By : Tom White

Renowned for his unique blend of streetwear and high-end fashion, A$AP Rocky has been a style influencer since his emergence in the music industry. The rapper seamlessly integrates his fashion sense with his music, creating a compelling, genre-defying aesthetic that many fans try to emulate. While his style has evolved over the years, one thing remains constant: his fearless embrace of bold silhouettes, adventurous colours and unconventional prints.

However, in the current climate, sustainability in fashion has become an essential consideration. It’s crucial to balance style with eco consciousness. But worry not! You can capture A$AP Rocky’s style while still being kind to the environment. Read on for some top picks.

Tints Streetwear Billiard Balls Organic Cotton Pants

A$AP Rocky often completes his outfits with stylish trousers, opting for unconventional cuts and prints. Tints Streetwear Billiard Balls Organic Cotton Pants are a perfect eco-conscious option featuring hand-plucked cotton as the fundamental element of the textile. Each cotton thread is meticulously hand-spun in a traditional mud house where the controlled humidity contributes to the fabric’s breathability and gentle softness. A key aspect of Tints Streetwear’s production process is the total exclusion of synthetic chemicals, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to eco friendliness. The pants also feature hand-embroidered billiard balls on the bottom left leg. The straight-fit unisex design allows anyone to incorporate this stylish piece into their wardrobe, channelling A$AP Rocky’s effortless blending of luxury and streetwear, as well as the timeless billiard-balls motif.

Tints Streetwear employs a distinctive approach to sustainable fashion by using organic fabrics and hand-embroidery. The company was founded and designed by high-schooler Simmi Sen, who has won several awards for her brand. Beyond the materials and process, Tints Streetwear entrusts the creation of each piece to skilled artisans whose crafts have been passed down through generations. This commitment to handmade production makes every garment distinctly unique. However, these artisanal skills, particularly hand-embroidery, are becoming increasingly endangered due to the time intensity of their application. By supporting Tints Streetwear, consumers are contributing to preserving and revitalizing these invaluable crafts, ensuring that their legacy continues to flourish in the world of fashion.

Tints Streetwear Hand-Embroidered T-shirts

A$AP Rocky’s notable fashion choices include an array of embroidered T-shirts, often featuring eccentric designs and luxurious detailing. Consider Tints Streetwear Hand- Embroidered T-shirts when you want to emulate this aspect of his style. The shirts are made with a luxurious 100 percent cotton that is eco-friendly, and the several hours of intricate hand-embroidery that go into each garment truly make it a one-of-a-kind sustainable fashion statement.

Minotaur ChromeFree Leather White Emeraude by Veja

Every outfit is complete when you have the right pair of shoes. As a nod to A$AP Rocky’s affinity for Air Jordans and his collaboration with Vans, consider rounding off your sustainable ensemble with Veja. These kicks offer a stylish and versatile addition to any outfit.

Veja is a brand that emphasizes responsible sourcing of its raw materials; it ensures that its cotton is fair trade, its rubber is obtained from trees without harm and any leather used meets stringent standards. Veja’s commitment to sustainability extends to using recycled materials in its shoe components. It is known for its ChromeFree leather, which uses limited chemicals and less water. Beyond manufacturing, Veja’s environmental commitment continues as it packages its shoes in 100 percent recycled and recyclable materials. Unlike many brands, Veja goes the extra mile by lowering carbon emissions for each shoe shipped, a move that alleviates some of the environmental concerns associated with online shopping.

Embroidered Quilted Cotton Jacket by Karu Research

Layering is another crucial aspect of A$AP Rocky’s fashion, allowing him to combine multiple textures, colours and silhouettes in a single outfit. Adding to pieces from Tints Streetwear and Veja, you can mimic this aspect of the rapper’s style by using sustainable choices from Karu Research.

Revered for its patchwork men’s jackets, Karu Research draws inspiration from South Asian culture and workwear traditions. As for the choice of materials, it prioritizes eco-conscious options, using organic cotton and natural dyes, which give you extra layers of warmth without the environmental guilt.

Sustainable Is Also Fashionable

By incorporating fashion choices from these three brands into your wardrobe, you can capture the essence of A$AP Rocky’s bold style while also being eco-friendly. Dressing like A$AP Rocky doesn’t require compromising your values. You can embrace his fearless style in ways that are kinder to our planet. After all, great style and sustainable choices are not mutually exclusive—they go hand in hand.


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