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From makeup and skincare to lashes and med spas, the beauty industry has become saturated with companies wanting to set themselves apart from the rest. But unless you have a celebrity name backing your brand, doing so can be difficult. That’s where Emily Bloom, founder and director of omni-channel customer experience for Ofseek, comes in; she can provide more than just a demonstration.

Born in Montreal, Bloom was the former proprietor of Bronzed by Bloom, one of Toronto’s leading spray-tan studios. Her experience with this business helped her realize her affinity for beauty-brand marketing, which propelled her down a new life path: from studio owner to digital marketing expert in the beauty world. 

While switching career paths can prove challenging, with life’s transitions pushing you into uncomfortable zones, doing so is not impossible. Embarking on a new journey requires accepting that there are no shortcuts while remaining steadfast in who you are and how your skills can be transferred to your new career. Bloom has proven resilient throughout her career-changing journey, remaining passionate about her presence in the beauty world while applying her vast knowledge in new ways and understanding the value of acquiring new skills relevant to the marketing industry that can help her climb the ladder to success. 

Now, in her role at Ofseek, Bloom uses her knowledge and skills to help ensure that the Toronto-based digital marketing agency’s clients shine. The company is an advertising leader for the beauty, aesthetics and cosmetics industry that focuses on helping local brands position themselves as significant players and influencers within their niche. To provide value and scale for these brands, Ofseek is dedicated to empowering them to achieve exceptional success in the digital world. Through local advertising, the company crafts captivating brand narratives, drives engagement and fosters meaningful connections between its clients and their target audiences. 

As a lead generation expert for beauty and aesthetics brands, Ofseek has more than 10 years of experience working with both small and large beauty businesses. The company focuses solely on Google pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization because it recognizes that most customers seeking beauty services begin with a Google search. Identifying this critical component of driving engagement, Ofseek knows that online customer acquisition depends on the industry, target audience and marketing strategy. To help beauty businesses thrive and reach a wider audience, it uses cutting-edge sophisticated web designs and develops comprehensive mapping of customer journeys. Its dedicated marketing strategists and developers collaborate closely to ensure a seamless and successful branding experience. 

Soon, Ofseek plans to launch its podcast, Advertising Ascendancy, a channel to help entrepreneurs and budding beauty businesses learn about trending marketing tactics for scaling their brands. Local beauty brands looking to scale their business can reach out to Ofseek for time-tested marketing guidance. 


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