Life and Love

Valentine's Day guide

Valentine's Day guide

Author: Elle Canada

Life and Love

Valentine's Day guide


Valentine's Day guide: Dressed to thrill
Rock the boudoir this Valentine's Day with romantic lingerie inspired by your favourite celeb's style.

Valentine's Day guide: The Dos and Don'ts of office romances
Do you know your office romance etiquette?

Valentine's Day guide: Lovely lingerie
Sexy pieces every woman should have in her lingerie drawer.

Valentine's Day guide: 10 signs he's into you
These telltale signs will let you know that he's interested in you!

Valentine's Day guide: What guys really find romantic
Steve Santagati, author of The Manual, gives his version of what men really find romantic.

Valentine's Day guide: 6 secrets to finding true love
Don't think you'll find true love? ELLE Canada has tips for finding your soul mate.

Valentine's Day guide: 7 signs he's a keeper
Think you've found Mr. Right? Before you take him home to meet your parents, check out these key signs to tell if he's a keeper.

Valentine's Day guide: Are you sexy in the city?
Are you a playful vixen with her eye on the prize, a sensual seductress or a demure girl next door? Take our quiz and find out!

Valentine's Day guide: Flavour of love
Brush up on your table manners and review grandma's recipes because the latest trend in singles events will put your culinary confidence to the test.

Valentine's Day guide: Sex or chocolate?
ELLE asks the burning question; which would you choose?

Valentine's Day guide: Quiz: Do you like bad boys?
Does a man in tattoos make your heart flutter? Can't keep your eyes off the office heartbreaker? Find out if you're into the bad boys with this quiz!

Valentine's Day guide: Sex files
1000 Canadian women were surveyed to get the dish on their love lives. When your lust cools down, what keeps things hot between the sheets? Read on ...


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Life and Love

Valentine's Day guide