If you want your lingerie to sizzle all year ’round — turn up the heat with some super-salicious pieces. ELLE Canada visited hot lingerie shop, Avec Plasir, in Toronto, where sexy celebs like Mariah Carey and Catherine Zeta Jones head for their unmentionables. We chat with owner Vasilia on how to build the perfect lingerie wardrobe.

Demi-lace bra
For those low-cut items that give just a glimpse of décolletage, you need something that’s flirty and stands out.

Bustier bra
A bustier gives you lift and sex appeal. “It’s perfect for under a jacket,” says Vasilia, “or any item where you want to show something off. La Perla makes some beautiful ones.”

Well-fitted corset
No ladies, corsets aren’t just reserved for the 18th century or weddings. Corsets cinch the waist and enhance curves, plus, due to modern technological advancements, you can actually breathe in them.

Long Gown
A flowing knit gown is a no-fuss approach to sleepwear but still exudes a sex kitten look. “Comfort and sexiness is what all women want,” explains Vasilia.

Baby Doll
Innocent and va-va-voom at the same time, a lacy black baby doll will bring out the inner romantic in you. “It’s so comfy and playful,” says Vasilia. “and oh-so-flirty.”

Strapless bra set
A must! It’s the turn-to bra in the summer or for that perfect cocktail dress and every woman needs one. “Getting the whole set, complete with flirty panties and sexy garter makes it extra special,” explains Vasilia, “especially if only you know they are under there!”

French-seamed stockings
The best way to describe a pair of well-made French-seamed hose — sultry. Vasilia insists it’s “a must-have.” Bonus: The seam up the back is like a magnet for a guy’s eye.

Fish net stay-ups
A slick pair of fish net hose never goes out of style and nothing gives more definition to your legs. “It’s worth investing in high-end stockings,” says Vasilia, “they complete your outfit and make you look very polished. Opt for a pair from Wolford, they’re worth the investment!”

For more information, please check out www.avecplasir.com or call: 416-922-7702.

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