Why burgers will always be fashionable

Mar 07 2012 by
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It was 10:30 p.m. on a Saturday night in New York City. But instead of gearing up for a big night out on the town, I was hobbling back to the
Le Parker Meridien New York, my home base while covering
New York Fashion Week. My feet were sore, I hadn’t eaten since noon and I still had to pull out my laptop and file a blog post. (Yes, covering fashion week may seem glamorous—and it is in many ways—but it’s also an exhausting amount of work.) As I entered the hotel, I noticed a long line of people heading into a dark, narrow hallway on the side of the lobby. The area was hidden behind a thick velvet curtain manned by a hotel security guard. Was this the entrance to some secret club? Then I noticed it: The outline of a neon burger high up on the wall.  

Turns out one of New York City’s best burger joints—which is in fact simply called
Burger Joint—was located right in my hotel. And the discovery couldn’t have come at a better time. I was starving! When I finally made my way into the tiny back room, it was like I had entered a new world.  
Unlike the Le Parker Meridien New York’s elegant marble and glass lobby, Burger Joint’s fake-wood-panelled walls were covered in handwriting and unframed movie posters. Instead of the lobby’s plethora of plush club chairs, there wasn’t a free seat to be found at any of the banged up wooden tables and stools. The room smelled a little smoky and you could hear the meat sizzling on the grill. The setting was perfectly tasteful—and, of course, tasty.
As I took my first bite of “The Works,”—which was the best $8 I spent all week—I thought about how a burger is an apt way to cap off practically any occasion. After a long day at work, a baseball game, the
Oscars—you’ve seen the photos of all those gowned celebs eating at In-N-Out Burger—or, in my case, a fashion show, a great burger is the meal choice that will never go out of style.

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