Reitmans has teamed up with Sarah Nicole Landry—who’s best known for her body-positivity platform, The Birds Papaya—once again for a joyful new collaboration. Inspired by Landry’s personal philosophy of “living a life of least regrets” and her bubbly personality, the collection is a breezy spring capsule wardrobe.

“It [borrows] a lot from my personal style but also [includes pieces] that you can wear while saying yes to all the things,” says Landry. “I wanted to create [items] that are so timeless that you could have them in your closet for the next decade and not think twice about them. They’re classic styles that you can dress up in your own way.” Expect to see plenty of bubble-gum pink, vintage-inspired floral prints and Landry’s favourite, denim on denim. “It reminds me of everything I always dreamed of wearing but never felt like I was cool enough to. And now I’m like: ‘Who cares? You’re cool enough—put it on. Wear it.’”

Ahead, we chatted with Nicole-Landry about the new collection, her favourite pieces and the coolest ways to style them.

Reitmans X TBP

Why did you decide to partner with Reitmans for a second time?

“Last year was a big re-introduction to Reitmans for me. We had a conversation about working together and I was like, ‘I’ve got to be honest with you, I haven’t shopped at Reitmans since I was a teenager and needed work pants for my first big job.’ They said, ‘You need to come and see what we’re about now.’ And the [new] style is so elevated. I love that [Reitmans] is all about reinventing themselves. Everything changed when we worked together—I got to experience the clothes and bring my community along for the experience. So this year, not only are we collaborating again, but I got to have a bit more say in the design [process]. I got to lean into the creativity, the style and the fun. It’s just been really, really fun.”

Last year’s collection had really cheerful Mother’s Day energy. What’s the vibe for this year’s collection?

“The mood is saying yes to life. How do we say yes to things even when we’re uncomfortable? What does it feel like to lean into fun and lean into yes? I think that’s going to be really reflected in the photo shoot and in the styles and hopefully encourages everyone to say yes to themselves.”

Reitmans X TBP

I heard that you created a signature pattern for the collection [pictured below]. Tell me about it!

“There was a lot of time spent on this particular pattern. I have been a thrifter for a long time, and I’ve always loved going through old tablecloths and old fabrics. I wanted to really lean into that romance, but also be able to style [the look] with boots,  stilettos or even a pair of sneakers or really cool pair of cowboy boots.  It was important for me to not have something that was going to be out of style by next year. I wanted it to be comfortable but classic, and I feel that way about the entire collection.”

Reitmans X TBP

During the design process, what kind of things were you looking for in terms of fit and cut?

“One thing that was really important to me was that the pieces would work on multiple types of bodies and allow people to have the freedom to go and live their lives. A big thing that you’ll see on the back of many of the tight-fitting items is smocking or an elasticized back to [accommodate] different chest sizes and personal preferences. And then we have these really cool shirt dresses that can be worn open or shut, as a dress or as as a layering piece. They’re really light and versatile. I love shirts dresses and I love that we [created one] in a denim fabric that was really comfortable and really fun. And then of course, I love anything that can be paired with a cowboy boot.”

Cowboy is really having a moment right now. What are your thoughts on the trend?

“I’m not somebody who’s really into country or grew up that way, but I have always loved a cowboy boot. I love how it can dress up an entire look. I mean, you can wear a dress and the second you put on cowboy boots, you’re ready for fun. There’s just something about them.”

Reitmans X TBP

What are some of your favourite pieces from the collection?

“That’s hard to answer. Everything is so great. I think is [the patterned dress] is going to be the core of the collection, as well as any full-on denim looks. Denim is a neutral to me, so that’s was a fun way to pay homage to denim, and just to see how all the pieces work with together is so cool.”


Long-Sleeve Tencel Dress

Price: $67 (was $90)


Short-Puffy-Sleeve Tiered Midi Dress

Price: $75 (was $100)


Cropped Jean Jacket

Price: $52 (was $70)