What type of woman would wear your line?
“A modern woman, the type of woman who is energetic and wants to have it all, home and business. I really admire women like that, so I designed the collection for them.”

What makes this collection perfect for the everyday, or modern woman?
“There’s stretch in every piece, so that provides comfort and quality. Even the denim, which is my signature piece in all my clothing, has a stretch to it. It’s made for a more modern woman who needs a little stretchiness to smooth her figure. I also have portions of the collection manufactured in Italy, to get the best quality. Everything is classic and functional.”

Where did the name Principessa come from?
” It actually started in 2003, under the name Just Gina Designs. I used to be a stay-at-home mom and so many of my friend would call me a princess, because they didn’t think I had to do any work. It sort of stuck and I thought it would be great to play it up with the Italian version of princess (since I am Italian) — Principessa.”

When did you first start taking an interest in fashion design?
“I used to design clothing when I was a teen. But it was really my own kids that encouraged me to go back into fashion and start this line.”

Who are your inspirations in terms of fashion?
“I love Georgio Armani and Valentino. They are so classic and never too trendy. In terms of a model, Cindy Crawford has a great shape. She’s more of the norm and not a size zero like the rest of the women of the world!”

What are your must-haves in fashion and beauty?
“I love L’Oreal and their moisturizers. I use a lot of their products. I honestly think that we live in our denim. With my line you can dress it up, or be more casual. Women like to have both. And, I have to have dangly earrings to complete my look!”