JessicaBiel After attending the Tiffany party in New York Thursday night to celebrate the launch of the 2014 Blue Book Collection, I have a new appreciation for the saying “dripping in diamonds” because I was literally surrounded by bejewelled women. “If there is a corner of their skin not covered with diamonds, it is cloaked in
Chanel,” commented a fellow partygoer. (Case in point, below.) IMG_2358 The event, which was held at the Guggenheim, was attended by 150-plus of Tiffany’s top clients from around the world as well as Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes, Kate Bosworth and, my TV crush, Seth Meyers and his wife, Alexi Ashe. (Lucky girl!) KatieHolmes SethMeyers

On Friday, by special appointment only, these guests were ushered into the iconic Fifth Avenue store to view this year’s 98-piece one-of-kind collection. “There’s fierce competition for the first viewing,” Jon King, executive vice president of Tiffany & Co., told me earlier in the day after I had seen the pieces. “Oh, but it’s all very civilized. The clients have studied the catalog and they arrive with pages that have been earmarked or tagged. If they’ve fallen in love with a piece, and it’s already spoken for, it can be disappointing because there’s only one.”

s005820L.tif Such was the case for the ring I had my heart set on. This 10.74-carat emerald-cut diamond—and its 12 custom-cut baguette diamonds—is already on someone’s wish list. “This stone came to us from one of our diamond suppliers because they knew that Tiffany would appreciate its more quiet nature,” explained King. “Diamond cutters and suppliers have a great passion for what they do as well as a parental pride. They want us to understand the significance of the gem and have us do something beautiful with it. The Tiffany designers who work on these pieces spend so much time with them that they really become their children. They always want to know every detail about who bought it, why she loved it and where she’s going to wear it.” Now I’m wondering who’ll be wearing my ring!
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