Charlotte Piché’s move into jewellery was driven by a desire to create something that is truly inclusive. “I always loved fashion as a form of individuality and self-expression,” she says. “But I hated the industry and everything it stood for. Jewellery in itself is a loophole [in that] it works for people of all ages, shapes, sizes and genders.” After studying metalsmithing in Brooklyn, Piché returned home to Montreal to start up her own brand in 2014. The name “Deux Lions” is an homage to her brothers (“my two pillars of strength”), so it was only natural that her younger brother, Alex, came on board a few years later to launch a men’s collection and complete the family business.

Today, the sibling duo work in tandem as designers and entrepreneurs in their Plateau Mont-Royal studio, where they host appointments for custom orders over wine and orchestrate all of the handcrafted production with artisans in the city. Heavily influenced by organic textures and distorted shapes (think dimpled keshi pearls or the asymmetry of ancient Roman coins), their jewellery is purposely designed to spotlight so-called flaws. “Even beyond the fact that I find them visually beautiful, [highlighting them] promotes the idea that imperfections are what make us unique and perfect just the way we are,” says Piché. “It moves away from the unattainable ideals and beauty standards that are not healthy or inspiring to me at all.” Piché also performs as one-half of the band pijama land with her partner (and Deux Lions photographer), Evan Tetreault, and credits this outlet—and its retro-inspired sound and dreamy aesthetic—with helping her build the visual and emotional world of the brand.

As Deux Lions marks its 10th anniversary, it’s expanding its offerings with a bridal collection. Piché, who got engaged to Tetreault last year, wants to set the brand apart as an alternative option for those seeking less traditional rings. “It’s as if someone wrote these rules many years ago and everyone thinks they have to follow them,” she says. “But there are no rules—what’s important is [having] the ability to make [the rings] really special and exactly what you’re dreaming of.” For her, that experience begins with making clients feel like they’re in the best hands. “We want you to feel good about the fact that you’re working with a local brand [that uses] high-quality metals that are going to last forever— and that goes beyond bridal.”

Charlotte and Alex Piché

Charlotte and Alex PichéEVAN TETREAULT


“We shouldn’t change our lifestyle just to accommodate this fragile [engagement ring]. That doesn’t mesh well with the modern woman. I’m not saying a big princess-cut diamond on a gold band isn’t the way to go, because that’s really fun and we can do that too. But it’s not for everyone, and I want to crack that whole stigma open. This is a piece of jewellery you’re going to be wearing for the rest of your life, so don’t settle.” – Charlotte


“Our definition of luxury is not necessarily more expensive; [it’s about] having better quality overall. For us, being able to keep production local in Montreal—to know that we have everything we need here to make the type of jewellery we want to make, offer that boutique experience to our clientele and share our designs with the world—is a big source of pride. We want to keep growing the company at a natural pace, but we also want to make big strides and go get those opportunities.” – Alex


“At the end of the day, a really good product is something that does more than just live in the physical world—it becomes a part of you. With all the visuals we create for the jewellery, I’m thinking of this whole world that goes around the woman who’s wearing the item. It’s a nostalgic, dreamy view where we’re romanticizing and offering escapism. Then when you’re back in reality, you have this token around your neck to remind you of the magic in how it all interconnects.” – Charlotte