Simone Rocha is bringing its romantic, feminine, and historically-inspired aesthetic to the most unlikely yet culturally recognizable shoe brand: Crocs.

The oft-maligned shoe made from a proprietary material that isn’t quite rubber and isn’t quite plastic, has been reinvented and customized by multiple fashion houses and celebrities over the years such as Balenciaga, Justin Bieber, and Post Malone.

After falling out of favour in the early 2010s, the popularity of Crocs and its accompanying Jibbitz (charms) has had a resurgence among Gen Z who appreciate the utility and customization.

Crocs has also managed to keep a finger on the pulse of pop culture and has become known for its collaborations with timely names such as Simone Rocha.

Simone Rocha x Crocs

The latest collaboration follows a preview of the SS24 collection at London Fashion Week in September 2023 and will become available to the public on April 10th, 2024.

Simone Rocha has taken the Crocs’ DNA and blended it with its signature whimsical and romantic approach to design which juxtaposes with the shoes practicality and utilitarianism.

The collection comprises three silhouettes: the Crocs Siren Clog, Classic Clog and Quick Trail shoes with each style featuring pearls, crystals and jet beading in place of Jibbitz.

Simone Rocha x Crocs

The Classic Clog is Crocs’ most recognizable style and for this collection, it comes in white or black with pearl and jewel-encrusted charms which would be perfect for a wedding after-party shoe.

The Quick Trail Croc is more chunky and outdoors-oriented. The brown shoe more closely resembles a sneaker with laces and jewel detailing.

But the Siren Clog is the star of the show with it’s low chunky heel and open back resembling a mule more than a Croc.

This isn’t the first time Crocs has released a heeled shoe, the $850 Balenciaga’s were first, but it may be one of our favourites to date. It might just convince us to reconsider Crocs as evening shoes.

Simone Rocha x Crocs