For a long time, dainty layerable gold jewellery was king and while that trend isn’t going anywhere, the resurgence of the charm necklace signals a growing demand for eclectic statement pieces that reflect the wearers personality.

These homegrown jewellery brands run the gamut of expression from rock n’ roll chunky silver to ultra delicate trace chains, with pieces of wearable art in between.

Sofia Zackia

Montreal jewellery designer Sofia Zackia’s charming collections are heavily inspired by mythology, outerspace, and the playful coquette aesthetic. Think tarot card pendants, pieces inspired by poetry and named after goddesses, Belle Époque inspired strands of pearls and UFO fidget rings.

Lover’s Tempo

Vancouver-based Lover’s Tempo specializes in subtle yet romantic and whimsical demi-fine jewellery. The latest collection features iridescent opals in settings made with recycled sterling silver plated in 14k gold.


Toronto jewellery brand Biko opened a brand new studio space to the public late last year and launched a new collection, Overflow. The statement gold and silver pieces resemble molten rock that solidified mid-transition lending it an organic yet modern appeal.

Inner Wolf Jewellery

This small Vancouver-based independent jewellery brand was founded by Cree and Turkish artist Ashya Elizabeth from the Treaty 6 region of Mistawasis, Saskatchewan. Her designs incorporate culturally traditional elements such as raw stones, animal hide, quills and feathers. She also works with brass and gold fill and her designs range from chunky statement rings to delicate opal earrings.

This Ilk

Pieces from Montreal jewellery brand This Ilk look and feel a lot like you’re wearing nature. Handmade flower pendants are a timeless and elevated imagining of the rosette trend we saw in 2023 and sewn calla lily earrings with a pearl spadix (flowering spear) are bold and feminine. Leaves, petals and even elements of wheat all feature heavily in the jewellery that mixes textiles with metal.


Andrew Garfield once included a pendant by Vancouver-LA based jewellery brand Pyrrha in a list of things he couldn’t live without and, indeed, the brand is an overall Hollywood favourite with many celebrities sporting their signature talismans on the red carpet. Pyrrha was one of the first adopters of the wax seal style pendant and their collections are all imbued with meaning so it speaks to the individual wearer.

Lisa Gozlan

Lisa Gozlan’s signature happy face charm bracelet is a beloved IFYKYK piece among stylish Torontonians. Gozlan’s designs, which largely revolve around charms with some funky rings thrown in for good measure, strike the balance between nostalgia and adult playfulness for those who are expressive and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Mackenzie Jones

Albertan jewellery designer Mackenzie Jones makes mountain-themed jewellery that reflects the rugged terrain of Canada. Her pendant series pays homage to mountain ranges from around the world, plus the fictional Lonely Mountain of J. R. R. Tolkien lore. She also creates stackable landscape rings and other outdoor adventure themed pieces.

Par Ici

Par Ici jewellery in Toronto plays around with materials to create juicy looking colourful glass pendants and beads and large statement metal pieces like the 18 cm long curly earrings. Each earring weighs 11 grams and would take quite the neck to pull off.


Vitaly is intense. That’s the only word to describe the Toronto-based brand, which makes pieces from 100 percent recycled stainless steel. The streetwear, biker-style jewellery takes its cues from heavy chains, spikes, barbed wire, and gothic fonts.


With stores in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, Suetables offers accessible and versatile gold jewellery. The complementary pieces are designed to be layered and stacked together to build up a look from minimalist to adorned based on the wearer’s preference.


With over 80 different charms to choose from, Cuchara is the place to look for build-your-own necklaces in Toronto. The brand specializes in personalized bespoke jewellery. In addition to charm necklaces, they’ve introduced custom family rings where you can include your loved ones’ birthstones in a gold bar signet ring. Not only are the rings incredibly sentimental for the wearer, the gems look like colourful little candy drops.


Founder of Barebone Apparel, Amber Hsu, has lived in Vancouver, Toronto, Taipei, New York, Berlin, and London. Her sleek modern designs reflect the cosmopolitan nature of those bustling cities and aims to remind women of their confidence and strength through wearable everyday pieces. Barebone’s jewellery is made to last using recycled sterling silver and 18k gold.