As the saying goes: “the tote bag maketh the girl on the go” (or, um, something like that). It seems like everyone is carrying a reusable tote bag right now, which makes sense: they are practical, environmentally friendly and depending on the kind you use, it can be a form of personal branding. (Haven’t you ever seen a well-dressed woman holding a New Yorker tote bag on the bus and immediately wanted to befriend her, bonding over your shared literary interests?) 

With so many reusable totes on the market – you can find them everywhere from your local supermarket to Nordstrom – the options are as overwhelming as the contents of your current bag. 

What better way to decide on a fresh new tote than looking to the stars for guidance? Find your astrological sign below for a personally curated tote bag selection. Happy sustainable shopping!


Aries, you’re full of passion and determination, so you deserve an everyday tote that matches your unbridled energy. This canvas shopper is part of the H&M collab with legendary costume designer and fellow Aries, Ruth Carter. It comes in a bold black, white and red colourway featuring the phrase, “And That’s The Truth, Ruth!” Need we say more?

Canvas Shopper ($24.99,


Some may say you can be materialistic, but Taurus, we’d prefer to think your affinity for material possessions is tied to a deeper-seated sentimentality. This tote by Stay Home Club pays tribute to your collections, with illustrations of everything from sunglasses to a cup of tea to a blender. Go ahead and embrace your love of THINGS!

Collection Tote Bag ($35,


Geminis are typically proud to identify with their sign, eager to show the world their many different sides. Duality is a key part of who you are and your everyday tote should broadcast that information. This panelled bag from Zara should do the subtle trick.

Contrast Shopper Bag ($35.90,


“Feelings can be art” is pretty much every Cancer’s mission statement, seeing as creativity and emotions dominate your psyche. Bonus: this canvas bag by Canadian publication With/out Pretend can fit a laptop and a sketchbook/journal/etc. so you can turn your feelings into art on the go.

Feelings can be art – Canvas Tote ($24,


A Leo’s confidence and power transcends titles…but this “Princess” canvas tote by Capsule 98 exists. If the tote fits? Wear it.

Capsule 98 Spray Paint Princess Cotton Canvas Tote ($49.00,


Practical Virgo, we know you probably already have a sturdy everyday tote to fit your planner, laptop, workout gear and any other essential items to keep your life nice and orderly. Our guess is it might be the Now and Always tote from Lululemon, a Mary Poppins-esque bag to keep everything tidy.

Lululemon Now and Always Tote Large ($198.00,


It takes a special kind of person to confidently carry a transparent bag – and those special people are Libras. Seeing as you are the social butterflies of the zodiac, this is the perfect opportunity to show off your everyday essentials and use them as conversation pieces. Sometimes, your indecisive nature gets in the way, but this fun bag seems like a no-brainer.

Topshop Jelly Tote ($55.72,


Scorpios like secrets, whether they are hearing or harbouring them. This is why an opaque or transparent bag absolutely won’t do; something thick and protective would be best, preferably in a dark colour. A black corduroy tote might just be the solution.

UO Corduroy Tote Bag ($24.00,


Spunky and unpredictable Sagittarians likely don’t want to be just another tote in the crowd with a standard canvas bag. Lazy Oaf has your back (or, in this case, shoulder) with a Flintstones-inspired line featuring this fuzzy (!) orange (!!) treat.

Lazy Oaf X Flintstones Fuzzy Dino Tote Bag ($59.00,


Trusted, ambitious Capricorn: you are always in an organized, business-first mindset, so it’s only natural that your everyday tote fit your highly scheduled lifestyle. The Romy Tote bag in Bordeaux from Eleven Thirty Shop is just as classy and structured as you.

Romy tote in Bordeaux ($405.00,


Ever the eclectic sign, Aquarians deserve a bag that is just as creative, spritely and fun as their personalities. Baggu’s Peanuts collection is a perfect match; specifically, this bag featuring Snoopy in space, which is just the right amount of quirky.

Standard Baggu – Space Snoopy ($12 USD,


Pisces are known for being huge dreamers. If you want to keep your head out of the clouds, you can put your everyday items into a cloud instead – a mini cloud bag, that is. This pink puffy bag from Baggu is versatile and durable, not to mention extremely adorable.

Mini Cloud Bag, Bright Pink ($44,


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