With her close fashion ties to the House of Gucci and a vice grip on the retro-Americana aesthetic, you wouldn’t know it, but Lana Del Rey never intended to be a style icon.

“My little sister used to say, ‘I swear to God if you become a fashion icon,'” the “Summertime Sadness” singer once told an interviewer. “I never had any fashion sense at all, I wore the same thing every day—which was just lots of denim like jeans and white t-shirts.” She may have doubted her sartorial senses then, but alas, propelled by her Priscilla Presley-esque charm, Old Hollywood appeal and penchant for vintage fashions, a fashion idol was born.

An ethereal vision on every red carpet she graces, Del Rey now knows how to up the ante when the spotlights come out—exchanging her pared-back blue jeans for designer ensembles worthy of the Met Gala red carpet, and the Coachella main stage. Here, we examine her most glamorous looks to date.