Ripley—the new 8-episode Netflix miniseries adaptation of the 1955 psychological thriller novel by Patricia Highsmith—is here, and while it has many of us revisiting the aspirational sun-drenched fashion of its predecessor, The Talented Mr. Ripley, this new version leans into black-and-white art house take on the 1999 film. Even though we weren’t treated to the pastels or bright patterns of the OG film’s costuming, Ripley did manage to deliver with its outfits (see: slouchy oversized linen shirts worn for a casual breakfast in the villa, billowing trench coats and chic suiting).

With that in mind, we present all the makings for a minimalist Amalfi Coast summer (preferably without the murder). Here are some of our favourite Ripley-inspired pieces to add to your wardrobe this summer.

The Oversized Linen Shirt

Costume designers Maurizio Millenotti and Giovanni Casalnuovo meticulously researched 1960s fashion and put together images arranged by region and year to create a vision of what the costumes would look like in each location. While the characters are in Palermo and Atrani, the looks are more laid back and casual with slouchy linen shirts tucked into pants for a billowy rumpled look that feels quite undone and sexy. We especially love the oversized linen shirt that Dakota Fanning wears like a shift dress at breakfast.

The Perfect Linen Shirt, Banana Republic. Ripley Netflix Series, Amalfi Coast Summer Fashion.

Banana Republic The Perfect Linen Shirt

Price: $120


The Staple Trench Coat

Andrew Scott sports multiple coats and jackets throughout Ripley but the overcoat trench—a fashion staple in the ’50s and ’60—is the most versatile and certainly worth adding to your wardrobe. We recommend trying to source a vintage Burberry belted trench coat for something timeless. But if you’re into supporting local brands, Ahiri has a modular trench that can be worn as a long coat or a cropped for a peplum moment.

ahiri trench

Ahiri Trench

Price: $195 (was $279)


 The Tailored Suit

A great deal of the sartorial appeal of Ripley is found in the tailoring, and when the characters are gallivanting through Europe they are usually impeccably dressed in tailored suits, casual and formal alike. Sezane has a three-piece suit (sold separately) which looks like a slightly updated version of a look that would be worn in 1960s Rome.

Sezane Blouse, Pants and Jacket

Price: $210 (blouse), $275 (trousers) $365 (jacket)


The Robe

The robe is huge in Ripley. Without spoiling anything, Johnny Flynn’s character Dickie Greenleaf wears a paisley robe that is revisited throughout the show. You can’t see the colours, though it’s said in the show that the robe is burgundy but the loud pattern stands out against the monochromatic palette. While many of us are unlikely to sport a paisley robe out about this summer, we do think this silk duster from Canadian small business Art of Marina would be gorgeous to wear floating around an Italian villa on the Amalfi Coast.

Silk duster robe, Canadian small business Art of Marina. Ripley Netflix Series, Amalfi Coast Summer Fashion.

Art of Marina Silk Duster Robe

Price: $395


The Stylish Scarf

Much of Ripley’s styling revolves around old money and quiet luxury which means the outfits aren’t flashy. The garments are made from high-quality natural fibres (it was the ’50s and’ 60s after all) and don’t have any visible designer labels. But there are signs of wealth if you look closely at the accessories.

Enter the silk scarf, which has so much styling potential. Wrap them around the handle of a handbag, braid them through your hair or wear it as a headscarf as you drive in a convertible down a country road. This Positano Hair Scarf from Anthropologie is a nod to Italian summer—and it’s budget-friendly, too.

Positano Hair Scarf, Anthropologie. Ripley Netflix Series, Amalfi Coast Summer Fashion.

Anthropologie Positano Hair Scarf

Price: $18


The Classic Loafer

What spectacular timing that loafers are the It-girl shoe right now. Ballet flats may be having a moment but the loafer and mule will always be the timeless and classic choice. You only need to look back in time to see their enduring appeal. Gucci and Ferragamo are the kings of loafers and would make the most sense for the characters of Ripley to wear as everyday shoes (and are worn on the show) but for us mere mortals, Steve Madden has a few options. The brand’s Carrine leather loafer with gold bar detailing comes in four colours, but we would take the classic white pair with us on an Italian holiday.

Carrine white leather loafer, Steve Madden. Ripley Netflix series, Amalfi Coast Summer Fashion.

Steve Madden Carreen Loafer

Price: $135


The Chic Sunglasses

You can’t have an Amalfi Coast summer without sunglasses and eager viewers of Ripley have already taken to Reddit trying to ID the sunglasses worn by Johnny Flynn as Dickie Greenleaf. Flynn and Dakota Fanning lounge on the beach wearing sunglasses that could easily be on-trend today. Fanning’s glasses are subtly horn rimmed tortoiseshell, and while we don’t know exactly which brand either of them are wearing, Ray-Bans make a similar pair. The Clubmaster Classic are near identical to Flynn’s glasses in Ripley and are unisex. Plus, you can customize the frames to be tortoiseshell so they more closely resemble Fanning’s glasses.

Clubmaster Classic, Ray-Ban. Ripley Netflix series, Amalfi Coast Summer Fashion.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic

Price: $217