Episode 1: Jasmine Brison worked with designer Adejoke Taiwo and won the first week’s challenge!


Episode 2: Ashley Fortin worked with designer Jason Meyers and won the second week’s challenge where Jason had to design a dress for Canadian celeb, Elisha Cuthbert

Episode 3: The designers were faced with their first team challenge. Working in pairs, the designers sent two outfits down the runway: a sophisticated day look and a dramatic evening look. Sunny Fong and Baylor Orlando won this challenge with models Victoria Leach and Ramata Koungenetia.

Episode 4: Working in teams of three, the designers had to create a couture collection inspired by an iconic fashion house. Iconic Canadian fashion designer Wayne Clark joined the judging panel and awarded Sunny Fong the winner (again!) with model Gabrielle Made.

Episode 5: Designers had to work with real women who were divorced and wanted torefashion their old wedding dresses into something new. Sunny Fong is on a roll as, for the third time in a row, he was crowned the winner of this challenge.



Episode 6
This week designer Jessica Biffi won the competition where all designers had to create a spring dress that would be manufactured and distributed in select WINNERS stores across Canada. Alissa Pritchard was the winning model for the competition.

Episode 8

Sunny Fong one yet-another challenge with model Tori Leach when the
designers were asked to create a red-carpet worthy gown for Canadian
supermodel, Coca Rocha.



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