Postcard from…Greta Constantine, No. 4

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The Greta Constantine team shares their final dispatch from Paris, where they’re showing their fall/winter 2012 collection to editors, stylists and buyers. In their previous postcard, they reported shopping at Colette and finding music inspiration out on the town in the Marais…
ELLE Canada,

Our last day in Paris was an early one. Or at least it was supposed to be. A 9:30 a.m. appointment meant a 7 a.m. wake-up call, which we assure you is no less painful in Paris than in Toronto. By 10:30 a.m., our studio remained buyer-less. Jesse headed to the window, hoping that fresh air might compensate for the lack of caffeine in the extra-teensy cups of coffee we grabbed from a café down the street. Metres below, he spotted a woman wearing a fur cape in the richest hues walking aimlessly down the narrow one-way street. Lo and behold, it was her! A former fashion editor of Spanish ELLE and boutique owner of a hot spot for ladies who lunch (and gala and cocktail) in Madrid, she oozed the
je ne sais quoi of European style (though we imagine it’s more like a
yo no lo se in her native tongue). She knew of Canada by way of her husband’s love of the wilderness. She even impressed us with her knowledge of "a place I have trouble saying right," or Saskatchewan. As with many of our buyers from Europe, we spoke of the economy. The threat of austerity measures and the high unemployment that they promise were on our new friend’s mind. She knew her clientele and insisted that, tough times or not, there will always be women who seek out clothes that make them feel beautiful.
A few minutes after our last appointment, just past 7 p.m., we tore down the rolling racks, packed up the clothes and prepared order confirmation forms. The makeshift showroom was an apartment once again, and in just a matter of time we would be back in Toronto looking at seating charts, hair inspiration and selecting hors d’oeuvres for our show this Friday.

We grabbed a late, late dinner with an old friend at Café Ruc (likely at the same time as when most of our families in Toronto were also eating) and spoke of how much we were going to miss Paris. It’s a place for meeting amazing new people as well as old friends, like Kirk’s old friend, Marco Zanini of Rochas, who he had run into earlier in the week. At midnight, the waiter revealed a mini raspberry cheesecake with a candle to celebrate Kirk’s birthday. It was the cherry on top for our five-day stay in Paris.
À bientôt, The Gretas
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