Nuanced beauty at Chloé. Straight hair and barely there makeup.

You may have embraced the “undone” beauty trend for Fall 2013, but get out your straight iron come spring because the “I-just-woke-up-looking-this-fabulously-unkempt” look is over. It’s all about looking polished, sharp—and intellectual; at least that’s how James Pecis saw it at Chloé.  “It’s interesting that we’re moving back to a straight iron because it’s not something I go for in my bag a lot, but it finishes off the look and makes it a little bit more severe,” Pecis told me backstage. “The organic  mood is over. It’s time to be a little more sophisticated if you want to stand out. The Chloé girl, for instance, is still expensive-looking, but she has beautiful straightened hair. She’s a little bit more intellectual. She’s a girl who goes to art openings and has a membership at the Tate Modern.” Sign me up.

Hands on treatment from James Pecis at Chloé.
Is undone beauty over at the makeup counter as well? Read on…