EC_FF_card_extended-blog Our panelist of fashion film connoisseurs pretty much have the landscape of film buff-dom covered – from the classics (
Gone With the Wind, Roman Holiday) to our wild card (
Bat*21). And a critical palette this varied makes for interesting debate, so naturally they’re the perfect team to select the winning entries of
our first-ever Fashion Film Competition. Get to the know the judges (and their cinematic tastes) a little better, and be sure to submit your fashion film by Oct. 18 for a chance to be screened at the
Whistler Film Festival!
Noreen Flanagan, Editor-in-Chief, ELLE Canada
What’s the first movie you ever loved?
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I’ve lost count of how many times I watched that film. There’s a scene where one of the kids questions the veracity of something Willy Wonka said and he replies, ‘We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.’ I loved that line! I liked to live in my head back then, so conjuring up imaginative worlds where rivers are made of chocolate, gum tastes like three-course meals and there’s soda pop (Fizzy Lifting Drink) that makes you fly—made me feel ridiculously happy. I haven’t thought about this film in decades, but now that ‘oompa loompa doompidy doo’ ditty is back in my head. (Thanks for that!)”
Favourite movie for its costumes? “Oh, that’s a tricky one; there are so many.
The Thomas Crown Affair comes to mind. Rene Russo’s wardrobe was care of Céline during Michael Kors’ time with the brand. That serene, pared-down kind of sophistication always catches my eye and leaves me with serious fashion envy.”
Movie you’ll never get tired of watching? "I can’t really explain this one, but it might be
Bat*21. It stars Gene Hackman and Danny Glover, and it’s based on the true story of a controversial operation to rescue a U.S. navigation officer from North Vietnam. If it’s on in the middle of the night, I’ll end up watching it."
Favourite film style icon? "Catherine Deneuve in
Belle de Jour."
In one word, the perfect fashion film is: "Visceral."