I like to think of vintage shopping as a treasure hunt, digging through piles of wacky ‘70s sitcom-style clothes in search of a time-honoured classic that I’ll love and wear forever. I’ve found my fair share of
gems — a Burberry trench for $20, a Chloé skirt for $6, and a Fendi purse for $2 (and yes, it was real!) — but not all my trips are so successful. Most of the time I walk out of my local thrift store empty-handed. Some words of encouragement? When it comes to vintage shopping, you need to be persistent. The more you look, the more amazing finds you’ll come across—whether they come bearing a designer label or not. And, for fashion fans, the hunt is well worth it. The fabric quality, precise tailoring and delicate beading found in haute vintage finds offers a luxe alternative to contemporary mass-market pieces. I caught up with Julie Yoo, owner of I Miss You Vintage in Toronto’s west end, for her top five tips on how to effortlessly incorporate vintage pieces into your wardrobe. 1.  Start with
accessories or jewellery. For the vintage novice, the easiest way to begin experimenting is to introduce a fantastic vintage necklace or
clutch into your wardrobe. 2.  Look for interesting textures, materials, or colours. Take advantage of the
rich and colourful array of fabrics and materials that vintage clothing offers to accent your wardrobe. 3.  Be prepared to do minor alterations.  Minor modifications such as shortening a hemline, changing the buttons on a jacket, or adding a fur collar to a coat can transform an OK piece into a standout one. 4.  Don’t overdo it.  Instead of dressing head-to-toe in an era-specific outfit, choose one statement vintage piece and incorporate it into your contemporary closet. Use vintage to complement your own personal style. 5. 
Fall in love with vintage. Choose that gorgeous vintage LBD because it’s more special than any mass-produced version could be. The compliments you’ll receive will confirm it.