The S.M.I.T appeal (Don’t worry, I’ll explain it.)

I was having dinner with a friend last night when conversation turned to what he did for a living. Long story short, he’s a copywriter for Showcase. Part of his day-to-day is to take new and existing shows on the network and develop promo "spots" to entice T.V viewers to tune in. He (Will, by the way) explained this concept he coined the" S.M.I.T appeal." It stands for the
Single Most Important Thing; meaning, when content managers come to him from all directions on how they want their TV programs promoted, Will goes back to them and asks: what’s the single, most important thing you want your show to represent. The idea stuck with me and, weirdly, came to a crescendo this morning while I attended the
Holt Renfrew Fall 2011 designer preview. As I’m walking around the Holt’s Cafe, I’m assaulted (in a good way, of course) by all of the exceptional new designer lines available at the retailer over the next several months. At first I thought  I would want nothing more then
Rachel Zoe‘s tuxedo jacket with satin lapels, but that was before I stumbled upon
House of Harlow‘s gorgeous carmel tote with leopard print lining. The madness didn’t stop there.
David Livingstone coerced me into trying on a navy wool men’s blazer from
McQ by Alexander McQueen, and then I tempted fate by slipping one of
flower rings (in this spectacular shade of burgundy) onto my finger. So much beauty, so little finances. Then it hit me: What’s the single most important thing? In this sea of options, what’s the single most important thing I want my wardrobe to represent? It comes by way of accessories (shocker there) and the name:
Shourouk. The piece I covet is listed in the photo gallery below; plus, I couldn’t resist snapping other pretty finds that could invariably be your #1s this fall season.