Billie Eilish returned to the Oscars after winning her first Academy Award in 2022. This year, Eilish leaned into the school girl aesthetic on the red carpet, wearing a white top, black blazer, and tweed pencil skirt by Chanel. Her long dark hair was styled down and straight.


Eilish and her brother, Finneas, are up for Best Original Song for Barbie’s “What Was I Made For?”. They will also be performing it during the show.

When the Oscar nominations were announced, Eilish and Finneas reflected on what a privilege it was to be nominated again. “Thank you so much to the members of @theacademy for nominating ‘What Was I Made For?’” Eilish wrote in an Instagram post. “We are endlessly grateful for this honor and to have been a part of @barbiethemovie 🎀”

In the carousel she shared, Eilish included a longer statement on behalf of hers and Finneas:

Eilish spoke to Entertainment Weekly in December about where her headspace was when she wrote the track. “It was a dark, slow period of time,” she said. “I was also in a weird place mentally in my life. We were in the studio and did come up with stuff, but nothing felt right. I don’t think I was able to be vulnerable and self-aware about my life and surroundings. That makes it hard to write sometimes. When we had this new thing to write about that wasn’t [about] my life, it was almost relieving. I didn’t have to worry about how I felt. I could just write from the perspective of this character. What was amazing is immediately after, I realized it was absolutely about me and my life. I didn’t even mean to do that.”

This article originally appeared in ELLE US.

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