Tucked into a curtained-off corner of the vast Pier 94 space on Manhattan’s far West Side, amid scurrying models and golf-carting stage hands preparing that evening’s G-Star runway show, we found the brand’s ambassador, Liv Tyler. We had a few quick questions for the beautiful 33-year-old actress.

ELLECanada.com: It’s just been announced that JLo’s going to be an American Idol judge. And rumor has it your father, Steven Tyler, will be one, too. Do you think they’ll work well together?

Liv Tyler: Oh, you’re so naughty [laughing]. I can’t talk about this stuff. I’ll let my father handle his own questions about that.

EC.com: Okay, let’s talk about your career. You were just in Toronto premiering your film Super; a comedy with Rainn Wilson as a comic book superhero-wannabe. Was it fun?

LT: The movie was really fun to make. And it was great being in Toronto, if only for about 12 hours. Our screening was at midnight. I was wondering if anybody would show up at that hour, but when we got out of the car, wow! There were a lot of students ‘cause it was near the university. I’ve shot movies in Toronto before and fell in love with the city. It was too bad this trip was so short.

EC.com: Canadian Ellen Page is another of your co-stars in Super. Did you like working with her?

Find out what beauty products this skin cream junkie uses?


LT: Well, just lately I’ve noticed, not in a self-critical way, a change in my face. I’ve tended to have a kind of baby face and that’s different now. I like it. I’ve always been a skin cream junkie, lots of moisturizers and masques. And I drink a lot of juices—cucumber and green juices—to keep my skin hydrated. When I shot Lord of the Rings in New Zealand, I met and became friends with [facialist] Margaret Hema. She has a whole line of organic oils-based products that I love. I just received a package from her [she says with obvious excitement].

EC.com: Do you have a favourite G-Star Raw item?

LT: Well, I love these jeans [standing to display very narrow-legged jeans cropped above the ankle]. I like them because they sit higher, closer to the waist and I’m obsessed that the ankles show.

EC.com: World chess champion Magnus Carlsen is your “co-star” in the G-Star ads. Have you ever played with him?

LT: We actually haven’t spent that much time together, except at events. But I do know how to play chess—not at all at his level, of course—and we’ve talked a bit about it.