Kendall and Kylie Jenner know how to arrive in style. The world’s most famous sister act came to lunch at Sydney’s Rose Bay by boat, stepping off a luxury yacht with a 20 person entourage. The reason for the fanfare? To fete a 19-piece capsule collection with Australian brand Ever New. This latest design effort is part of their style evolution – something Kendall and Kylie felt eager to express. To that end, the siblings presented a scaled back colour palette (black and blush pink) and un-fussy silhouettes (bodysuits, jumpsuits and LBDs). On a ridiculously perfect day in Sydney, we chatted with the duo about their favourite pieces, sisterly sharing and their Australia bucket lists.

Can you tell me a little bit about the initial thoughts you had when you were designing this collection?

Kendall: “Before, our style was a lot more casual and we really wanted to do something that felt higher end. I think we’re evolving and it’s fun!”

Kylie: “We really just wanted a more sophisticated, mature vibe. Our clothing designs grow up with us.”

What are some of your favourite pieces from the collection?
Kylie: “I love the bodycon dresses that we did. We have it in black, which I’m wearing now, and a blush colour too.”

Kendall: “I really love the bodysuits, the fit is amazing and they just kind of suck you in [laughs] and make you look really good. There’s also a little jumpsuit that we have that’s a blush colour and it has darker spots and I think that’s really cool. We’ve really been into the choker thing too, so we incorporated chokers into the jumpsuits.”

What was it like working on this together?
Kendall: “It’s always really collaborative with us, I think that we both have similar tastes and we know what our fans like. It’s pretty natural, we’ve been working together since we were little.”

Let’s pretend that there was only one of each piece in the collection, who would grab what first?
Kendall: “Oh, it just depends on who gets to it first with us, it’s not about age, it’s not cause I’m older, it’s literally whoever gets to it first, gets it.”

So, speed is key?

Kendall: “Yes, haha! See, I’m really nice, so I actually got first dibs on all the clothes this trip because my stylist came to me with all the clothes and I had my fitting before Kylie, so when I was picking, I was like “I really wanted to wear this, but I know Kylie is going to want to wear it too” and knowing her, she wouldn’t give in, so I let her have it.”

How would you describe one another’s style?
Kendall: “I think Kylie is super edgy, intricate and, she’s just….cool.”

Kylie: “Yours is, like, simple, and sophisticated.”

“I’m so boring!”

If you could spend a day doing anything in Australia, what would it be?
Kendall: “I really want to go inside the Sydney Opera House. I’ve only ever seen it and we just floated past it [on said yacht]. We also really want to climb the bridge.”

“I would really like to hang with a koala, but I haven’t seen one yet.

The Kendall Kylie Ever New collection launches November 17 in stores and online.

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