Dean and Dan Caten, designers of DSquared2. Image courtesy of DSquared2.

There are few things more exciting – or,
ahem, Canadian – than gathering around a television to watch our national men’s hockey team earn the gold medal during the 2010 Winter Olympics in
Vancouver. And it’s funny how these iconic moments of collectively rallying around hometown sporting heroes – not to mention the uniforms the athletes wore while underneath the international spotlight – tend to live on with us, almost more so than the final medal tally (almost). We’ve asked a few of our favourite Canadian designers – both expats and local – to share their favourite Olympic memories with us. Here are the moments that win gold in their minds and what they’re looking forward to most for the coming
Summer Olympic games in London.
Dean and Dan Caten, designers of DSquared2
Gold medal fashion moment: “When we dressed the talents for the opening and closing ceremonies for Winter 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. And then Whitney Houston’s performance of ‘One Moment in Time’ at the Summer 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul.”

Fave Olympic spectator sport: “Naturally, swimming and diving…for the hot hunks in trunks!”
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