finalmorningmustread You know what they say when it comes to getting engaged – if you want the right diamond, you have to pick it out yourself (or something like that). Hence Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted trying on engagement rings at Neil Lane boutique in L.A.
[] Supermodel Milla Jovovich weighs in on female body issues: "Guys are more attentive when you have a little weight on you."
[The Edit] MTV names Miley Cyrus the best artist of the year, and everyone suddenly reassessed their previously understood definition of "artist".
[Huffington Post]
Gossip Girl Leighton Meester will soon be making her Broadway debut in
Of Mice and Men alongside James Franco (on a totally unrelated note, guess which one Franco will be playing).
[E! Online] Twitter just got a little more royal, as Princess Beatrice (@yorkiebea) joins the micro-blogging bandwagon.