On day two of the Toronto International Film Festival, I had one single purpose in mind: To catch Leonardo DiCaprio in his natural habitat (i.e. at the Soho House, surrounded by the Wolf Pack, with a couple Victoria’s Secret models on his arm). Luckily, I had scored an invite to the afterparty for his climate change documentary Before the Flood, hosted by Grey Goose Vodka and Soho House. En route to the shindig, I fantasized about what Leo would make an appearance. Scruffy Leo? Leo with a Super Soaker? (I wish!) Leo incognito? (His signature shades and a baseball hat look, obvs.) I was a bit disappointed to see a preppy, low-key DiCaprio. Dressed in a blue blazer and an open collared shirt, his goatee was neatly groomed, his hair parted to the side. In fact, he looked like his mom had dressed him for church (see above photo of LDC at the party with the film’s director Fisher Stevens). He made a quiet entrance, navigated through a crowd of guests sipping colourful Grey Goose martinis, and immediately perched in the furthest corner of the reserved section, where he stayed (beside two hulking security guards) for most of the party. No angels or entourage to be found. I’m not disappointed though—it is still early in TIFF, and there’s plenty of time to see Hollywood’s legendary party animal in the wild.