Saskatoon-born, Toronto-based rapper/producer
Muneshine isn’t just one of the most exciting artists in the hip hop scene—he’s sold thousands of records in Japan and been nominated for multiple Juno and East Coast Music Awards—he’s also one of the most stylish figures in Canadian music. To celebrate his brand spanking new album “
There is Only Today,” ELLE Canada caught up with the MC to talk style heroes, fashion don’ts and award show dressing.
Who is your style icon? "I’m inspired by a lot of people, like Steve McQueen, Robert Redford and Paul Newman, plus new-schoolers like Ryan Gosling, Liam Gallagher (minus the haircuts) and Kanye West. I like designers like Marc Jacobs and Michael Bastian. Jay-Z seems to do everything right, too."
What are your biggest style tips? "Don’t jump on trends, it’s the basics that stand the test of time. Keep it simple and subtle. Pay attention to the details."
What is the biggest mistake that men make in fashion? "Not giving their style the attention it requires. That, and some people rely exclusively on brands to tell them what’s cool."
How do you decide what to wear while on tour? "It’s important to balance function and fashion while on tour (at least on the kind of tours I’m a part of, I don’t know if Drake would agree). I keep my style consistent, whether I’m on tour or at home, but I’m not in a position to travel with an extensive wardrobe, so being selective is essential. I always bring pieces that can be put together in different combinations. Plus, always bring more underwear and socks than you’d expect, who knows when you’ll have laundry-access on the road!"