Kim Kardashian has changed her hair…AGAIN

Mar 09 2015 by
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kim kardashian even blonder"Transformation" in progress. (All courtesy

Self-proclaimed "platinum pimp" Kim Kardashian has got her hands on the peroxide for a second time in less than a week. That’s right…la Kardashian-West has changed her hair yet again, although it’s a transformation that requires the ability to parse the subtle differences in shades of blonde.

kim k new blondeThe "new blonde" in action.

Kim has taken her previously "golden platinum" locks in a more "white blonde" direction, taking to Instagram to post the step-by-step touch-up process. If nothing else, we congratulate her on being the rare person to look dignified with her head in a stylist’s sink. We do question, however, the timing of this change. Somebody get a little spooked by J
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