If the thought of talking about your finances feels as uncomfortable as sitting down to watch Saltburn with your parents (IYKYK), you’re most definitely not alone. For so many women, money is still a taboo topic, and this is particularly evident in the stats: Fewer than one in four investors are women, with more than half of us not feeling comfortable taking on this interest-growing task ourselves. The unfortunate part is that this means we miss out on valuable interest and reaping financial returns.

The real truth is that women can be great investors, and National Bank is committed to helping us get there. Come March 25, the bank is launching the Invest in You challenge along with its host, Jessica Moorhouse, a millennial money expert who’s an ace at demystifying your finances. These must-watch videos—available at nbc.ca/women—will answer all the questions you’ve been too hesitant to ask and offer totally doable, concrete actions so you can make your money work for you. Read on for a little sneak peek into the Invest in You challenge’s key takeaways.

The Courage to Ask Questions

Talking openly about money is the only way we’ll break out of these taboos and financial inequities. The best way to achieve this is by getting support from a trusted professional—that’s what they’re there for!

The Confidence to Invest

As women, we’re especially well equipped to be prudent investors (hello, practised patience!), which helps us have better long-term returns. You just have to take the plunge.

The Knowledge to Have a Plan

In totally unsurprising news, once women have a well-thought-out strategy, we make for top-notch investors. Studies prove that if you remove the stress of it all with a plan, investing early and regularly lets you reach your full financial potential.

Financial independence offers you the freedom to make choices based on your life goals—having a child, buying a home, travelling the world—no matter what they are. Remember, money equals power, and it’s about time you got some more of it.