Why settle for a colour of the year when you can have a colour palette?

Or at least that’s what the folks over at Pinterest, the leading experts in internet aesthetic, have been asking themselves.

The creative image sharing social media platform has introduced its first ever colour palette of the year for 2024.

The palette builds upon the 2024 Pinterest Predicts trends. The in-house creative team analyzed the trends and distilled the corresponding search terms related to colour to come up with the whimsical colour palette of the year.

Blue jellyfish, blue chrome nails, aqua makeup looks, and other recurring hues have created the line up which consists of: Gummy Pink, Moss Green, Mocha Brown, Desert Orange and, of course, Aqua Blue. 

The chosen colours were inspired by the worlds of fashion, interior design, graphic design and culture at large. For instance, Mocha Brown is a combination of deep caramel and gray  influenced by trends like Cafecore and Western Gothic. And Gummy Pink is an updated version of Millennial pink inspired by the bow trend that combines dusty pink with blush.

Pinterest says they hope the palette will inspire brands and creatives to incorporate fresh trending colours in their 2024 projects. We look forward to seeing the palette playout.