Micro trends have reached a fever pitch in recent years. Fuelled by creativity and consumption, almost every aesthetic, -core, and dressing style you can think of has a silly little nickname tied to it. While many speculated that short-lived trend cycles would eventually burn out, the microtrends that have emerged this year cover so much ground that… well, nearly everything is on trend right now. And it’s only January.

In 2024, we’re going all out. It’s the year to embrace colour, sequins, and fringe, all in one outfit. People will continue to dress in the “core” aesthetic that speaks to them, from Indie Sleaze to Grandpacore.

While this is by no means a definitive list of what’s in and what’s out, these are the trending trends we’ll be seeing more of in 2024.


Following the bow craze of late 2023, the coquette aesthetic is here to stay for 2024. It’s likely that the basic elements of this look–think pearls, bows, lace, and girlish pastels–will be co-opted to create more niche versions of the coquette as the year progresses. In fall we’re more likely to see more goth coquette looks, and when the third season of Bridgerton is released, we’ll see more regency- and renaissance-inspired coquette outfits.

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Micro Minis

The resurgence of Y2K fashion has brought back several things many of us could live without, like low rise jeans and super slim pointed-toe shoes. However, the return of the micro mini is something we can get on board with, especially when the super short hemline is combined with a skort for added protection. The result is the Going Out Skirt. We’re also seeing a major comeback for the mini dress with many celebrities sporting them on the red carpet (Olivia Rodrigo) and out at parties (Taylor Swift).

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Look Mom, No Pants

Continuing with the barely-there theme, it has been playfully suggested that the “no pants trend” is Gen Z’s final joke on millennials. Gen Z told Millennials they couldn’t have skinny jeans, so Millennials started wearing mom jeans. But then Gen Z said Millennials can’t wear mom jeans because they’re cringe-y, so Millennials switched to wide leg pants. Now…Gen Z says no pants at all. Try to keep up.

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Mob Wife

Many of the fashion trends of 2024 go hand-in-hand with this year’s beauty trends. TikTok boldly declared at the start of 2024 that clean girl is out and mob wife is in. Mob wife fashion involves vintage fur coats, animal print, black leather, chunky gold jewellery, sunglasses, and Italian designer bags.

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Socks with Sandals

We don’t mean to alarm you, but yes, socks with sandals will be a trend in 2024. Before you panic, hear us out. This look isn’t meant to be worn while you walk the 10 feet from your front door to your trash cans in the morning. These socks will likely be sheer and feature some version of frills, 3D flowers, or glitter. They’re meant to be worn with slingbacks, platforms, or open toed-heels for added visual interest and to give an outfit a Carrie Bradshaw feel.


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Corporate Core

Growing up in the early 2000s we were lead to believe that transitioning from day to night was going to be a much bigger concern. Like cartoons and quicksand.

However, three major trends are converging to ensure that 2024 is the year of office power dressing. The rise in popularity of preppy clothing, quiet luxury and executive silhouettes means that we will see corporate looks trickling over from the runway to the streets. It seems people are over the work from home loungewear and looking to dress up typical workwear. Pleated pants, crisp button ups and blazers are wardrobe basics that people will be reaching for more and more.

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The Return of the Big Bag

Iconic bag designers Loewe and Bottega Veneta are harbingers of trends to come, and if their Spring 2024 runway shows are to be believed, we can officially announce that the tiny shoulder bag trend is on its way out, mercifully. Small bags were popularized by Jacquemus and the rise of other Y2K trends, and while they make for super cute accessories, it’s impossible to lug around your stuff. Big slouchy shoulder bags will allow us to carry all of our baggage around in 2024, for better or worse. Don’t be surprised if, as bags get bigger, we also see the return of “what’s in my bag” content.

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Playing with proportions

Fashion, as a rule, should always be visually interesting. If it can’t be interesting through colour, it should be interesting through texture, and if texture isn’t an option then it should play with shape and proportion. The 2024 Spring/Summer runways were full of exaggerated silhouettes and oversized garments that accentuated different areas of the body in bizarre and compelling ways. As the runway looks trickle down into ready to wear fashion, we’ll see a lot more bell sleeves, accentuated waists and large exaggerated hips and shoulders, all in the name of creating interest.

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Indie Sleaze, Grandpa Core, and more

Indie Sleaze first appeared in the UK as a messy and accessible take on vintage 1970s style. The Tumblr era aesthetic is characterized by a mixture of grunge and Y2K elements with an undertone of apathy. Indie Sleaze had a renaissance in late 2022 and early 2023, in 2024 we will see the trend continue as the ’90s party girl look also makes a comeback. It’s likely that we will begin to see more street style elements –like sneakers and oversized tees–to keep the trend feeling fresh. On the flipside, Grandpa Core is the latest micro trend to take off. It looks exactly how it sounds: Young women are ironically dressing like grandfathers. We hope Italian nonnas are the next fashion icons to receive their due.


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