Be honest: How many times have you committed to a healthier, whole-food lifestyle only to concede one week in when all the prep gets too effortful? Quite a few, right? Same here. It’s why we’re all in on Vitamix, a pro-level blender brand that really lets you invest in yourself. The Vitamix not only does the jobs of 13 kitchen appliances (chopping, grinding, puréeing and juicing, among other tasks) but it also lasts 10 times longer than the average blender. With it, your healthy-eating (and easy-to-make) options are infinite: fresh and zingy tabbouleh, protein-packed cashew energy balls, endless sauces, like Thai curry carrot, and, of course, so many smoothies. 

No matter what you throw at it, Vitamix is built to handle the toughest ingredients. Need to transform teeny tiny seeds into homemade nut butter? No problem. Want to blend frozen fruit for luscious smoothie bowls? It won’t even break a sweat. Take the Venturist V1200, for example. The user-friendly Variable Speed Control allows you to calibrate for every texture, whether you’re making a smooth purée, a perfectly chunky salsa or any other creation you have in mind. Hoping to make a big batch? The 64-ounce container is set to revolutionize your meal prep or entertaining experience. If you’re only cooking for one, use the included 20-ounce SELF-DETECT container; the base’s built-in wireless connectivity automatically adjusts the max blending times for the container size you’re using.

Another ideal Vitamix pick is the Professional Series 750. In addition to 10 speeds, it has five pre-programmed settings—for smoothies, frozen desserts, soups and more—that allow for steady results and total walk-away convenience. You can even make use of the Pulse feature to layer coarse chops over purées for textured pasta sauces or heartier veggie soups. Speaking of soups, the vented lid and lid plug allow you to bring your dishes to hot temps right in the container or add in last-minute ingredients while blending to perfection. Best yet, cleaning your Vitamix is a breeze: Just blend warm water and a drop of dish soap on the machine’s highest speed for 60 seconds, and you’re all set—no disassembly required.