Bella Thorne’s favourite pizza topping & our behind-the-scenes video

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Bella Thorne looking lovely at the MTV Movie Awards (Getty)

We asked our May cover star to take our ELLE Canada rapid fire quiz. Read on to find out who Bella loves to follow on Instagram, what’s in her purse and her favourite pizza topping…   Favourite person to follow on Instagram? Amber Livin! She followed me back on Instagram and I legit freaked out. Last thing you Google’d? Louis Vuitton Beverly Hills… but I spelled Vuitton wrong hahah. Guilty pleasure TV show? Sons of Anarchy and I’m about to start House of Cards. I also love The 100, and I don’t like space things, but I like this. What’s the most embarrassing thing your purse right now? It’s not embarrassing, it’s freakin’ badass! I carry this in my purse with me because I’m basically an old lady—I have Midol, hand sanitizer, small perfumes, kitty-cat napkins, something for my lips and mints. Favourite album right now? I love the soundtrack to Upstream Color. You know what I’m obsessed with—The Hype Machine! You can get all your remixes there and you can listen to your friend’s songs and steal all their music, which is basically what I do. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Whilk & Misky. Spirit animal? I’m either a sugar glider or a lynx. Favourite emoji? The emoji that has that little smile but has a tongue sticking out. It’s the perfect cross between flirty, but I don’t want to get with you right now…so… One word you say too much? Legit. Or butt-hurt. When I was on set I got everyone to start using these words and I was so happy! Preferred super hero power? Telekinesis. Favourite pizza topping? You can’t even say this to me because I literally went through a phase where all I did was eat pizza. So I stopped, but then last night I got a delicious pepperoni pizza with jalapeños. If your life where a song title what would it be? “Wait… this is kinda funny.” It’s kinda like in my life when I’m getting super butt-hurt over something and I think, ‘but wait… this is kinda funny.’   Want more Bella? Watch our behind-the-scenes video from our May live cover shoot!  


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