Courtesy of CTV I was chilling in my pyjamas this week, drinking wine and watching CTV’s
The Voice—something I assume all sensible people do regularly. And then I saw the most amazing, terrifying and on-trend sartorial statement to hit primetime in a while:
Cee Lo Green, perched on a stool, wearing slightly rumpled red silk jammies. That he’s an odd looking man doesn’t help his case. That he was sitting next to oh-so-cool-and-talented singer/producer Babyface doesn’t help either. That Green is often filmed while stroking a creepy looking white cat helps even less. He looked ridiculous. But also ridiculously comfortable. “Who am I to judge?” I thought. I was also clad in matching (although totally less slinky) PJs. But I was in the privacy of my own home, under a quilt watching two divas “music battle” (please, no judgment), while Cee Lo was on primetime television.

A bit different, no?

In truth, the rise of pyjama-chic has left those of us who care pondering a very serious question: are they ever actually chic?

Well The Guardian’s Simon Chilvers said that his heart screams, “yes to print pyjamas and a cardigan, and yes to print pyjamas bottoms and a suit blazer.” And he’s a seriously stylish Brit so I’m inclined to listen. But then I just think of Cee Lo’s crimson getup. It was so disturbingly shiny. So rumpled. Too casual even for Hugh Hefner, I think.

Luckily, I think I cracked the loungewear-as-daywear code while shopping (and still humming the amazing rendition of “Heart Shaped Box” from this week’s The Voice).

I saw a single Etro blouse, swinging on a hanger, seemingly waiting to be discovered. It was—and this is the only way I can think to describe it—a paisley-printed tie-front PJ-inspired silk cardi. And people, it was brilliant. The secret to its multi-tonal beauty? Fur lapels. I’m not kidding. It was the formal introduction of a definitely-not-loungewear element that made this topper fit for wear.

So Cee Lo, next time I see you rocking jammies on The Voice (because let’s be honest, you’re probably not going to stop), I hope you remember to top them off with a fur collar.

But then you have to loose the cat on your lap.

Because that would be in poor taste, no?