The allure of travelling to exotic locales can be lost amid the exhaustion and stress that comes with crossing time zones. Bring back the glamour to your globe-trotting adventures by booking a relaxing spa treatment at a luxe hotel spa. Their promise? To transform jet lag post-jetset bliss.

1. Prana Spa at The Villas, Bali
Jet Lag Remedy (120 min., $85)
Jakarta may be the official Indonesian capital, but Bali reigns supreme as the international oasis of relaxing getaway retreats, thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert’s infamous self-discovery in Eat, Pray, Love (though most of us will recall Julia Roberts’s outlandish Zen revival in the 2011 film). The palatial Prana spa—a regal architectural feat combining rustic Moroccan and Indian influences—taps into the city’s renowned rejuvenation techniques for body, mind and soul with a spa treatment tailored to heal the jet lag caused by the journey to this lush island. Soak swollen feet in a peppermint footbath before succumbing to full-body bliss with a neck, back and shoulder massage to improve blood circulation after the long flight. Sit back while replenishing skin with a moisturizing facial as feet are massaged with a hot towel compress. After all, the soul-searching journey to inner peace begins with a well-rested (and pampered) body.

2. The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

Oriental Essence massage (80 min., from $396), Power Nap treatment (50 min., $260)
After the voyage across the Pacific Ocean to this world-class Japanese metropolis, check into the five-star Mandarin Oriental Hotel and let the spa experts lull you into a much-deserved peaceful state before bed. Elevated above Tokyo’s brightly lit skyline, the Spa specializes in day and night treatments to soothe jet-lagged travellers. As part of your nighttime vacation regimen, opt for the Oriental Essence Massage — one of the hotel’s signature spa treatments — and relieve neck and shoulder tension with a combination of soothing body oils (a refreshing blend of ginger, mandarin and frankincense). Wake up feeling rested with a power nap treatment, a pressure point-targeted massage to rejuvenate muscles, while sipping on homemade OJ. What better way to brace yourself for Tokyo’s bustling city life?

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3. Lyall Spa, The Lyall Hotel and Spa, Melbourne
Jet Lag Steam Session (15 min., $32), Time Zone Recovery (120 min., $299)
Get set on a Down Under adventure without worrying about the stress on your body from the long journey there. Settle into Australia’s vibrant cultural capital fully rejuvenated from the day-long flight after retreating to Melbourne’s indulgent Lyall Hotel and Spa. Regulate both mind and body to your new Aussie time zone with an essential oil-infused jet lag steam session in a private steam room. To prep for your trek through the Outback, kick up your legs for a foot massage while cocooned in a full-body purifying mask. Then a facial made with a cocktail of plant extracts and jet-lag recovery tonics reawakens tired skin. To maintain that refreshed traveller’s buzz, wander over to the hotel’s champagne bar next for a flute of your favourite French bubby.

4. Aman Spa, Connaught Hotel, London
Aman “go-to” massage (30 min., $110), Facial boost (30 min., $110), Goodnight Watsu (60 min., $251)
The ultra-luxe Aman Spa — located below the lobby of the posh Connaugh Hotel — offers treatments specifically tailored to the travel ailments of its elite guests. For a fresh-off-the-plane body revival, book an Aman “to-go” massage, which loosens tight joints, shoulders and back. Look as refreshed as you’ll soon feel with a facial boost courtesy of the ancient Indian tradition of marma point therapy. For a good night’s sleep post-high tea and High Street-shopping, splurge on the goodnight Watsu Shiatsu therapy treatment, which promises to synchronize your heart rate and metabolism with your well-rested body. Expect a good night’s sleep before continuing your English adventure.

5. CBE Concept Spa, Lausanne Palace and Spa, Lausanne

Elemental Nature Facial (50 min., $162), Lymphatic Drainage Massage (50 min., $162)
Located between the snow-dusted Swiss Alps and postcard-pristine Lake Geneva — and featuring spectacular views of both! — the Lausanne Palace and Spa is a stunning residence of ski and spa-related luxury. Before strapping on your skis, head to the five-star hotel’s equally glam spa for a targeted lymphatic drainage massage. The soft and rhythmic motion applied throughout the body stimulates cell regeneration and flushes out toxins built-up during a cramped airplane ride. For better face time with the French-speaking locals in this picturesque Swiss town, relieve swollen eyes and replenish dry skin — both a side effect of stale cabin air — with a 50-minute complexion booster. Then grab a “beauty” smoothie from the in-house Yogi booster bar—made with fresh papaya, oranges and soy milk—before hitting the slopes, or admiring them from your hotel window.