Once the temps hit above a balmy 25 degrees, we’re set to take on summer full force (think floral shorts, sky-high wedges, strappy dresses and
perfect beachy waves). It’s also time to revamp our beauty routine with a few key upgrades that will have us looking beautified throughout any heat wave (we refuse to let our beauty hearts flutter at the rising humid index). Read on for our beauty tips for an always pretty beauty routine this summer.

Summer beauty tips: Switch to au naturel makeup

“For summer 2012, we saw natural skin on the runways of Chloe and Stella McCartney,” says Maryann Richardson, a makeup artist with Judy Inc. A simple way to get this look of sheer coverage is with the BB creams sweeping the market, she says. ”These
tinted moisturizers with active ingredients help to keep your skin hydrated with sheer to medium coverage,” says Richardson. Bonus: many come with SPF, such as the beauty balm from Estee Lauder, making them perfect for summer.

“Many designers also chose to have their models skip wearing mascara, keeping the look simple and fresh,” says Richardson. She suggests using a mascara wand with some clear mascara to brush through your lashes and brows so your look is defined and polished. Finish with stained rosy lips and cheeks one shade darker to the natural lip colour, she says, with a product such as Benefit Cosmetics Benetint.

Summer beauty tips: Reapply your sunscreen with ease

Dermatologists propose we reapply sunscreen every two hours throughout the day, but slapping some sunscreen onto your made-up face isn’t really an option (and you’re not about to wash your face and reapply all of your makeup). Your best bet to make sure your face is protected from the sun, says Diana Carreiro, celebrity makeup artist, is to touch up with a powder SPF throughout the day. Use one that is translucent (if you use one with colour, you risk the makeup looking cakey as your reapply more and more throughout the day), says Carreiro. A few powder products she recommends for the job: Coloreccience Sunforgettable Powder, Peter Thomas Ross Instant Mineral SPF 30, bareMinerals SPF 25 Mineral Veil and Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF 30 Dry Sunscreen.

Want more summer beauty tips? Read on to page 2 for how to update your fragrance and ensure gorgeous toes all summer …

Summer beuaty tips: Opt for these fragrance fixes

Lighten up on your
fragrance for summer. If you don’t want to change to a completely new one, fragrance expert Marian Bendeth of Sixth Scents suggests checking the fragrance counter of your signature fragrance. “Many fragrance brands have their own summer editions that have been either reformulated or lightened up for the hot breezes,” she says.

If you like to wear fragrance and apply it liberally, Bendeth suggests trying an eau de cologne. Since it has a smaller percentage of fragrance, you can feel free to apply more. If you plan on being in the sunshine, refrain from wearing your fragrance. “Some can be photosensitive, such as lemon, lime and grapefruit blends,” says Bendeth.

Summer beauty tips: Pretty up your feet

Strappy, barely there sandals for summer mean your feet must be in gorgeous condition. To get rid of dry heels, Leeanna Colley, owner of Tips Nail Bar in Toronto, suggests using a foot file once a week to give your heels a few quick strokes to keep the parched, cracked skin at bay.

If you’re running out the door and don’t have time to give your toes a pedicure, cuticle oil is a miracle worker. It’ll help hide imperfections if you’re three weeks into a pedicure, says Colley. “It helps get rid of dullness and instantly makes your pedi look cleaner,” she says.

Have time to
apply polish to your toes? You can use a quick, fast-dry nail enamel and skip applying a top coat, but never skip your base coat, says Colley. A base coat is a must because it’ll help keep your nails from yellowing underneath a nail polish.

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